Ups and Downs at Round #7 WORCS Racing

DragonFire Racers Ken Benson & Brice Ginn rolled into Glen Helen MX Park for Round #7 of WORCS Racing to find a perfectly prepared track and great weather. Both drivers were chomping at the bit to lay down some laps.

850 Production

R7_1Brice came off the line like a man on a mission. Throwing his RZR into the corners and battling up front. Glen Helen boasted some huge jumps and unique obstacles normally found on an enduro cross track. Towards the end of the race everything was going good and Brice found himself in 3rd place. Suddenly the car started to loose its composure pulling hard to the right and left. Nursing it through this issue Brice was still running at a good pace when the throttle started sticking, using the gas and ignition for control Brice came across the line in 7th place. Upon further examination it was discovered that the car had broken a rear Axle and was suffering from a muddy throttle cable.

Pro 1000

R7_2Ken started the production 1000 race in the second row and between the roost ended getting pinched out in the first turn. Staying cool calm and collected he was able to grab some tear off’s and put the hammer down. Quickly passing many cars Ken found himself battling up front with the top 5. Unfortunately a few turns later and a drive belt blew leaving him stranded far away from the legal pit area. Lucky for Ken he had a belt on board, so he jumped out and did the swap himself. Despite burning his hands on the hot clutch sheeves he made the swap in a matter of minutes and was back on the track. As he started getting back up to speed and into the racing grove it was time for him to give it everything he could to make back the time lost. Throwing down some seriously fast laps ken was on the move but luck was not on his side. Another belt failure would effectively end his day leaving him in 17th position for the day.

R7_3Both racers were frustrated with the outcome but understood that’s just racing sometimes. “It was the best track of the year, kudos to WORCS” said Ken after the race “time to fix them up and get ready for the next round”. On behalf of DragonFire Racing thank you to all of our sponsors for there continued support.