Beau Baron remporte la victoire en VTT professionnel et remporte des podiums SXS Cache Valley.

Atascadero, CA (6/8/2021) – CST’s Beau Baron scored a pair of podiums in the SXS classes and won his fourth Pro ATV race of the year during the WORCS series event at Cache Valley MX Park in Idaho. The events were part of round five of the series.

The venue was a brand new and was setup on the facility’s motocross track and the alfalfa and corn fields surrounding it. The flat terrain afforded for high speeds and sprint-car-like sliding in the corners. Dust hampered visibility throughout the weekend.

In the Pro ATV race Baron knew that his start was going to be key. His CST tires and Sparks engine hooked up perfectly on his Honda and he snagged the holeshot. From there, he extended his lead through the race to win and pad his points lead. “I knew by looking at the water trucks that it was going to be a greaseball,so I prepped my gate perfectly,” said Baron. “The gate dropped, I did a wheelie, and I had full traction. The CST’s hooked up with the Sparks engineand I ripped off the line and got the holeshot. The first lap was pretty sketchy and I was backing it into corners. By the second lap it got a lot better and I just kept pulling a bigger and bigger lead.”

“In SXS Pro Production, dust was a major issue. After starting third, Baron made it to second at the finish. He moved up to second in points withhisfourth podium of the season.“

“There’s not much you can do when you’re in the dust,” said Baron. “It’s one thing to catch someone, but to pass them in the dust is difficult. I played it safe until Haagsmabroke but by thenJudge had a big gap, so I just threw down for the last couple of laps. I did actually catchup to him, but once I caught the dust there wasn’t muchmoreI could do.”

In SXS Pro Stock, Baron again fought through the dust to finish second. With thisthird consecutive podium in the class, Baron has taken over the points lead. Unfortunately, class results remain unofficial due to several protests and are pending the results of engine inspections.“

“I got off to a decent start behind Haagsma,” said Baron. “Davidmissed a corner and I passed him on the inside. Cayden was ahead of me and I was just out of the dust line,so I could put in some good laps.”

WORCS now heads into its annual summer break. Baron will return to action with WORCS September 3-5 in Wickenburg, AZ.

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