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Millville, MN was home to Round 6 of the AMA ATV MX Mountain Dew Championship Series. Spring Creek MX delivered an exciting, fun filled weekend despite the thunderstorms. The track was sandy-clay mix full of challenging natural terrain including steep uphill triples and tricky rhythm sections.

After an evening of down pour, the track shaped up nicely for Saturdays races. Jake Howald hit the track around mid-day for his College Boy 16-24 class. Taking 3rd in the holeshot, he was charging toward the rhythm section. By the end of lap one Howald was in 2nd. In lap two Howald’s attempt to take the lead was unsuccessful, resulting in a disappointing finish forcing him into the LCQ. In 450 A, Howald had a terrible holeshot and was unable to qualify resulting in another LCQ. In the College Boy LCQ, Howald would take 2nd and in the 450 A class he would get 3rd, securing his spot in the second motos on Sunday.


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 4.51.00 PMCollege boy proved to be an exciting race for Howald. Having had a decent start Howald was maneuvering for 2nd place. Avoiding a rider error in front of him, another rider made it around him, leaving him still in 3rd. By the second lap, Howald discovered he had no rear brakes. Forcing him to be cautious, he was able to retain his 3rd place for a clean finish. In 450 A, he had a decent start but was only able to finish mid pack.

Having a 12th and 3rd place finish in College Boy would give him a 9h overall. In 450 A, he would finish 10th and 10th for a 12th overall. In the points standing, Howald would gain two positions in each class moving him up to 6th in College boy and 16th in 450 A in the nation.

Note from Howald: “I want to thank my family and friends for allowing me and helping keep my dream alive. Thank you to the rest of my family for cheering for me and supporting me always. Thank you to Joel, Lisa, Cody, Haley, Todd and Janssen Motorsports. Your friendship and support means the world to me. Thanks to Joel for helping retrieve my keys. I am very grateful and thankful to my sponsors: Elka Suspension, Walsh Race Craft, Fly Racing, FMF, Rath Racing, GPS Off-Road, 100%, Renthal, Hinson Clutch Components, Dynamite ATV, Sunstar, DP Brakes and Tweeked Powderworks. Nothing but the best! To my local sponsors: Thank you for your ongoing support: Dr. Johnson, Chiropractor of Winnebago, Anytime Fitness of Winnebago, BWR (Brian White Racing), FHK, SSI Decals, Wienen Motorsports, and Rod Kness of Rod’s Shop in Freeport. I am pleased and honored to be working with great local people and businesses. Thank you to all of you.