This last weekend was the start of WORCS racing 2020! It happened at Primm Nevada behind the Buffalo Bills Casino and Resort. We had a small motocross section, truck track, a couple of enduro cross obstacles and wide open desert. The track was a blast and the WORCS crew did a great job running the event all weekend!
I felt good in practice and did all of the testing I needed to feel comfortable and happy with my setup. My main thing was testing both sets of suspension and dialing in my tire pressure in my GBC’s. Good thing we have Roll Design w/ Elka Suspension, and Tire Blocks at the races to assist everyone with these things! I’m all ears and open to any suggestions. Needless to say the race bike was on point came race day.
I didn’t get an amazing start which was my first struggle. I started out 6th of 12 which was not ideal. The track was very fast paced so there was not a lot of room to pass. I finally got around 3rd, 4th, and 5th once all three of those guys pitted for fuel. I waited another 2 laps and basically waited until the white flag to get fuel. I opened the gap up about 20 seconds and was able to comfortably get fuel and remain in 3rd place comfortably after the pit stop. I had it in the bag. Beau and Mike were so far gone 2nd wasn’t even a thing, and I had a gap on 3rd. I was foolish and wanted to open up a gap like I did the previous lap as a statement. I let me ego get the best of me and I crashed. I got the quad going and hustled to get back on the track, still in 3rd. Luckily I was okay. The stem was bent but I was going already! I noticed that some of my controls came out of place when I hit the ground. I had to move them back into position so I had brakes and Spooner got around me. I kept him honest the rest of the race and was on his back bumper doing everything I could to get back where I wanted to be. It wasn’t enough though!

All good though. Very foolish of me. My team did everything they could to make everything fall into place and salvage a podium and I lost it! Very frustrating but I can’t harp on the past. What’s done is done and I’m more fired up than ever. I’m focused on Mike and Beau. I’ll be back stronger and wiser for the next one. I’ll be bringing the heat to the next one, but we’ll keep the fire in the firepit next time around.