This past Thursday the team went out to Vegas to compete in the 2020 Maxxis Casey Folks Vegas to Reno! Our Baja Atv Riders quad was mint and built perfect with the magic touch of Felipe Velez from San Felipe! The quad crossed through tech and was ready for the green flag to drop the next day.

Friday came upon and we headed towards the starting line where we would all stage to began our journey. The nerves began to kick in when i was staged behind the Q1 of Mike sloan and in front of the Q59 of Travis Damon. Knowing i had some pretty good competition not just ahead but also behind me.

Approximately at 6 in the am, the Q7 of Magdaleno/Avalos/Peatross was off the line and into the dust. The silty dust was so thick that it was difficult to see what was in front at times. Getting to pit 1 we all managed to show up in the same
positions we had taken off in. Changed the air lid, fueled up and off i was into the dust. Approximately race mile 60 we where on a lake bed where i passed the Q1 due to there bike mechanically failing. I pushed hard to reach pit 2 where i was suppose to hand the bike off to my partner Danny Magdaleno. Entering the speed zone of pit 2 i looked instantly for Danny and our pit, but there was no sign of them at all. I was a bit worried and upset because all 3 quads had all shown up together at the same time, so i had to fall back while they passed and wait for gas to keep going.. Luckily my dad Javier Avalos and Scott Peatross showed up and waiting patiently i fueled up and off i was again. Making time on the Q9, the leading quad of Travis Damon also mechanically failed which put us into 2nd place behind the Q9!! I managed to bring in the bike at pit 3 with a 6 min downfall from the Q9 place quad and handed it off to Chris Peatross! Chris did his job and finished his section making more time on the Q9. Danny Magdaleno then hopped on the quad at pit 4 and headed out for his section of 66 miles! Magdaleno was on the gas and kept it going keeping the same time pressuring the comp ahead. Coming in hot to pit 6 where Magdaleno would hand it off to Peatross, we changed air lids fueled up and off was Peatross..

Pressuring the lead we managed to keep the same paste going and taking care of the quad as how we where suppose to. Peatross came into pit 7  where i was suited and ready to take over my section. As before changed a air lid, check oil, fueled up and off i was to keep the pressure going. Our Baja Atv Riders Only quad was purring in the Nevada deserts without any worry in the world she was flowing great. I hopped off the bike at pit 9 where i shortened the gap time from the Q9  which had us sitting back at 5 mins from the lead. Peatross then jumped back on to give Danny and myself a breather from pit 9-10. Doing a phenomenal job Peatross managed to give the bike to Danny with a same gap frame behind the Q9. Danny once again got back on the quad and made his way through his section of 67 miles where he then handed the quad to Chris at pit 12, with a shorter gap time. Of just only 4 MINUTES. We where hungry and really wanted to win the Longest offroad race in the country. At pit 13 where i waited for the quad, my dad and i heard a engine popping and i said “that doesnt sound good at all pops”. Little did we know it was the Q9 rolling into pit 13! They stopped to fuel up at Baja Pits and for some odd reason could not continue.. I was at a adrenaline spike when we had seen that. I prayed to God and asked for him to help me get to the finish line, that it was all that really mattered at that moment. Minutes after that we hear a nice purring motor that sounded so good, i told my dad “that my boy coming in”. Little did we know it was Chris! Chris came in to pit 13, and we fueled her up took the air lid off for some fresh air and off i was! The only thing on my mind was to get it to the finish line, and that the race was not over till it was over, period! Coming up onto the ridge of the last couple of miles i rode over the hill where i seen the checkered flag.. My Heart dropped.. All the hard work, sweat and tears everyone goes through on the team was worth it. Being able to win a Vegas uto Reno in the Pro class is something that is not easily given..

This certainly would not have been possible without God. Certainly without all the people behind all of this.. To the riders of the team Danny Magdaleno & Christopher Peatross for training so hard to put in a hell of a job to get to where we are at now! To the jefes Javier Avalos, Pedro Magdaleno and Scott Peatross for always working hard to help us do what we love.. A big thank you to our instructor/mentor/role model down in San Felipe Baja California , Baja Atv Riders Only very own Felipe Velez. For not just building a beautiful machine but for believing in his boys to win the longest offroad race in the USA. It is an honor! To Duncan Racing for the power they make so that out motors can be screaming for 514 miles non stop definitely couldn’t have been done without a reliable engine! If God wants, we will definitely see everyone at the next one! 🏄🏻‍♂️🏁