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Here’s a little update on my racing yesterday! Since It was my first time out on an MX track this weekend for the past 2 years I raced the Women Pro only but definitely planning to race the guy class soon!


Had a really bad start and came out of the corner dead last. By the end of lap 1 I was already in 2nd place trying to pass first. Tried to pass her on a tabletop in the inside but apparently there was a big hole in the landing that I didn’t notice in practice. It end up being a nasty crash but I was able to get back on my quad and at least finish the race, got 6th place for that one. Must say I am really bummed on this mistake but I’ll call it experience and not do it again!

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.22.05 AMMoto2

Mudfest here we go! It started raining an hour before our moto.. Race was hard, muddy, slippery and couldn’t see anything. I finished 4th for that one for a 5th overall.

I’m really bummed this weekend wasn’t a success for me but I’m really excited to see without seat time I was able to put it out front. I’ll be racing an enduro race here in Quebec next saturday and will be practicing Sunday & Monday! Yes!!

Thank You for your awesome support! Without amazing sponsors like you I wouldn’t be able to pursue my passion!