Our race started off great by taking the lead by pit 1, rider Jeremy gray started last off the line in our class but being an experienced and confident rider the dust didn’t stop him from taking the lead by pit 1 with 2 minute lead on the next quad, we did a quick topoff on the bike and Jose Torres was on his way to pit 2 going through the silt was no problem at all after passing some bikes ahead of us Jose had clean air and just held the lead until the next rider change, as I am getting closer to the pits Jose radios in the team to get ready and letting them know only fuel is needed once again top the bike off and Gilbert makes his way to pit 3 with a 3 minute lead quickly Jose and the chase crew headed towards pit 3 were Jose would make his second ride of the day as Gilbert comes in hot we went over the bike and checked the air filter tires and our elka shocks it all was perfect.

Jose takes off with a 3 minute lead on the next bike, from this point we started getting more comfortable and confident about our position and knew we just had to finish the race, we continued our race at the same phase from the start our elka suspension took care of us handling all those rain ruts that just tend to buck you, it was until pit 11 where Jeremy gray was waiting for Gilbert Davila after bein on the bike for about a 100 mile section and opening the gap between us and the next quad as Gilbert pulls into pit 11 he tells Jeremy and the crew that the bike is making a loud noise and shaking really bad!! The guys go through the bike and realized the swingarm pivot bolt had snapped off on one side and was sticking out 4inches on the left side making the whole rear end move left and right, we looked at some pictures from earlier in the race and noticed the bolt had broken and making its way out in Jose’s section Gilbert had been riding 100+ miles with it coming out!!!!, at pit 11 the guys managed to push the bolt in and Jeremy gray would ride with his foot on the bolt to try and keep it in place for 30+ miles to pit 12 were baja pits did a great favor and welded the bolt on both sides to the frame just so we can finish our race by this point the next quad was no where in sight but we knew the trophy trucks were getting close and didn’t want to get stuck behind their dust, with this in mind Jeremy rode to pit 14 for Jose to do the last leg of 48 miles to the finish the bike sounded really bad with all of the exhaust packing gone, the plastics were loose it was making a lot of noise Jose rode his last 48miles which were the roughest in the entire race for his sections lots of rocks and windy roads but with flexx bars and ame grips took care of soo much impacts to our wrist we pulled it off and We made it to the finish in 11hrs 51 minutes our elka shocks never skipped a beat and made our bike handle great even after having a loose rear end!

Our epic power motor handled the abuse for almost 12 hrs straight the bike was never shut off during the race!

We ran a single pair of GMZ tires equipped with tire blocks for the whole race with no flats and 550 miles of desert racing was not enough to damage our tires!

Thanks to our sponsors for making this race possible we could have done it without your support.

Thank you!

Hotel sky blue (San Felipe)

Architectural glazing

Loutsenhizer construction inc.

Team true racing

RND motorsports

AME grips

Flexx handlebars

GMZ race products

Tire blocks

Elka suspension

Epic power