Round 1 of WORCS kicked off at Buffalo Bill’s Casino in Primm, Nevada. The temperatures were in hi 30/ lo 40’s throughout the weekend. The track featured wide open desert with switchback corners, truck course, mx tabletops. The sand and dirt was holding moisture so the ground was awesome to ride on.

During my practice, I tested some new components, making adjustments to my Precision Stabilizer and tire pressure in my GBC Tires to see how they paired with Elka Stage 5 Shocks. I was quite happy with the predictable and solid feel of the Precision stabilizer and Elka Suspension combo blasting through the fast, choppy corners, and high speed flat corners. Everything was coming together but still felt like there was something that could use a bit of more hold up. I consulted with Doug Roll of Elka West Service Center / Roll Design and he knew exactly what i was feeling through my feedback and his knowledge. He made a change to my front shocks and an adjustment to rear shock that I would notice through the choppy corners.



Sunday came around and I was quite anxious than nervous to get the race started. I was a bit late but got to the line 2 mins before the flag dropped. I got off to a 2nd place start behind Beau and chased him for the first half of the race laps. The track was high
speed that any mistake was crucial. I pitted early on then put on a charge thinking I could gain some time but that didn’t workout as 2nd to last lap I experienced some cramping in my hamstrings. I tried to remain calm and ride it out but it took me making some mistakes to settle down. I kept my charge going for the remainder of the 1.5 lap i had left , unbothered by cramping. P2 was where I finished the weekend not too far behind but I knew what I brought out at Round 1. All i can do is build of my finish and keep putting in the work on and off the track. I feel positive of my result and grateful that I had a solid race