We specialize in small to medium volume production for applications with high added-value

  • Modern 16,000 square-feet facility located in Boucherville, QC, Canada with production capacity of approximately 80 000 units per year
  • Dedicated OEM assembly line with internal quality control system and full traceability system with our suppliers

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System for our OEM assembly line


  • Design and manufacturing of tailor-made shock absorbers
  • Simulation and personalized calibration
  • Engineering support and field testing
  • Integration and optimization with the vehicle’s suspension geometry
  • Design and manufacturing of custom springs


  • OEM Shock Absorbers for various UTV manufacturers
  • Military and para-military shock absorber applications

  • Industrial and agricultural dampers

  • Short-run custom shocks for Off-Road buggies
  • Speciality manufacturing for high-performance automotive


Those with special projects can rely on our team for the conception, design and custom fabrication of unique products to suit their needs. We can also provide efficient manufacturing at competitive pricing for almost any kind of project or mass-production with the collaboration of our local and international partners.

Our modular product platform can easily and quickly be adapted to offer a complete solution to manufacturers with OEM and aftermarket products. Elka Suspension’s products and expertise can bring some huge added-value to any vehicle at a comparable cost. We also specialize in working closely with smaller manufacturers and chassis fabricators.
Manufacturers can benefit from the expertise and experience of our Research & Development team through our suspension and hydraulics consultation services. Our engineers and technicians can work with them and help optimize their products and/or ensure their optimal integration with our shock absorbers.


When developing a new application, our R&D engineers and technicians will take multiple measurements to create a computer model. Then, our professional test riders assess the performance of the vehicle and its suspension design and provide feedback on what could be improved on it. After designing compatible products that provide the desired improvements, our engineers use in-house rapid prototyping to quickly validate the physical fitment. After all required modifications are made to the design, they generate the first prototypes that are used for additional field testing. At Elka Suspension, this whole process happens in a short time frame; that’s why we are able to quickly offer several product options for new vehicle models.
Combining input from our pro riders and customers with objective data collected using our telemetric data acquisition systems, we develop new technologies that can address various issues encountered in specific riding conditions. This approach has led to the introduction of many successful new products and the continuous improvement of existing products. Using 3D software (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), our R&D engineers can quickly develop new designs and products, optimize the design and the strength of our products through computer models and simulations. These systems also allow them to collaborate easily with other aftermarket manufacturers to ensure compatibility and to generate data that can be used with our telemetric data acquisition systems to speed up and facilitate testing sessions with our professional riders.
The most innovative concepts and features aren’t worth much if they cannot translate into real advantages for our customers. That’s why we also do extensive testing in real-world conditions with riders who have diverse riding experience, ensuring that we not only satisfy the professional racers, but also meet the needs and expectations of every customer profile. During these tests, the products are pushed to their very limits, far beyond what most of our customers would do. When consumers purchase Elka Suspension products, they not only receive high-quality shock absorbers but they also benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of many professional riders and expert suspension engineers.
We use dynamometer testing both for quality control and for precise analysis when developing products. The precision provided by the dynamometer tremendously exceeds what the human eye can detect and supplies objective data that can be compared and reproduced across production units. This testing method has also proven more valuable and accurate than relying on subjective riders’ tests alone.


From the raw materials to final shipment, our products must go through several quality controls. A finished product will never leave the factory if it doesn’t meet our high standards of quality. Every unit is rigorously tested on a dynamometer to ensure maximum quality, performance and durability at a very precise level before it is marked with a serial number and sent out to a customer.
The design of all Elka Suspension products includes several features that have been incorporated over years of improvements and testing. Those small features are often overlooked, mainly because riders never notice them when everything is working fine. For example, we use the appropriate thread-locking fluid at several steps of the assembly process to prevent loosening from vibration and extended use. Also, a proprietary special bleeding and calibration process ensures that there are no microscopic air bubbles inside the oil that could expand when heated and decrease the overall performance of the product.
All aluminum parts are CNC-machined from the finest materials and then anodized to provide a beautiful long-lasting finish. Our parts also undergo a heat and anti-friction treatment – processes essential to the production of a high-performance shock absorber. All o-rings, seals and wearbands have been carefully selected to provide the perfect balance of durability and reduced friction. The springs, bottom-out bumpers and many other components we use are manufactured exclusively for us so that they meet our standards of quality and performance.
We put the same care and attention into every single unit we produce. Our qualified and experienced technicians assemble each unit by hand to the highest standards, ensuring a consistent quality level for each individual unit. Using proprietary tools, they assemble the components to very tight tolerances in a controlled environment, so no impurities can get inside the shock absorbers. Our production is remarkably quick for custom-built products thanks to our unique manufacturing process.


Our clientele can choose from several configurations and adjustment options, getting the perfect balance between performance and tunability to meet their requirements in terms of performance and cost targets. Every Elka Suspension product is custom tuned according to each customer’s needs based on various factors including target rider weight and intended use.
Customer satisfaction has always been the priority at Elka Suspension. We strongly believe that each and every one of our customers deserves the same level of service and attention as the professional racers. When you call on Elka Suspension, customers deal directly with a knowledgeable suspension specialist who will listen carefully to really understand their personal needs. Our specialists can advise and assist them in finding the most appropriate products to fulfill their expectations.
Each vehicle has its own geometry design with its inherent strengths and weaknesses. Based on extensive R&D and testing, our engineers are able to optimize certain aspects of the geometry that affect the handling attributes and improve on them to increase performance and comfort.
After you have purchased from Elka Suspension, our team of dedicated technicians is only a phone call away to help riders get the most out of their investment. They are available to answer any question you might have regarding the installation, adjustment and fine-tuning of the shock absorbers. We also attend selected events throughout the world with our Technical Support Program. During these events, riders can meet our technicians at our support vehicle to get further assistance and emergency servicing. We always do our very best and go the extra mile to make sure customers are entirely satisfied with our products and service.