F.A.Q. – Most Common Questions

F.A.Q. – Most Common Questions2021-03-15T01:05:47-04:00
When will I receive my shocks? How can I track my order?2022-08-10T12:03:23-04:00

When you place your order online through this web site, a sales representative will receive your order and process it. The representative will also contact you to confirm your order and inform you of the estimated time for arrival (ETA). He will also provide you a tracking number once your order has shipped. This entire process usually take between 4 to 5 weeks from the moment you confirm your order to delivery at your doorstep. This delay can vary depending on the configuration of your shocks and is always the same wether you order directly from us online, via phone or at our head office.

I bought your shocks through my local dealer / online or on eBay. Can you tell me when will I receive my shocks?2021-02-24T19:28:55-05:00

a) Products sold via our dealers Please contact your dealer to obtain an ETA, a status or tracking number. We provide this information to the dealer only. Often, our dealers won’t inform us of who their customers are so we won’t be able to find in our system unless you have received and registered your products. b) Products bought online or via eBay Tracking should be provided by the seller. We don’t provide tracking on those.

I bought some used Elka shocks. Can you tell me what specs they are built for?2021-02-24T19:32:37-05:00

Yes, but it’s not our priority. Please contact us via email and we will answer you when we get a chance. Make sure to take note of the shocks’s serial number that is engraved on the shock head, on the opposite side of the reservoir / hose / valve and is usually composed of 2 letters followed by 4 digits (AA####).

Why does it take so long to get my shocks?2021-02-24T19:33:11-05:00

All our products are built-to-order according to each customer’s personal parameters. Our system allows us to do that quickly but the level of complexity and craftsmanship required are high and take some time. It might be a little longer but the resulting shocks are well worth the wait.

I have a special one-off project, can you build me shocks for it?2021-02-24T19:33:38-05:00

We used to offer this service and still sometimes will do it but only during our slow season. Some extra charges will apply for the R&D work involved in your project. A quotation is always provided to you and we require an approval on it with a deposit before we can start any custom projects.

Can I re-use my Elka shocks on a different vehicle than the one they were originally built for?2021-02-24T19:34:16-05:00

Most likely yes but please confirm with us before moving your shocks to another vehicle model. Our specialists can confirm if your shocks are a direct fit or if they need modification. In most cases, we only need to change a few parts. These changes can be made as part of a regular maintenance service job to further reduce the cost of labour.

Why some shocks have one or two springs while others can have up to three or four springs stacked together?2021-02-24T19:34:46-05:00

The spring configurations we use will vary from vehicle to vehicle, sometimes even from rider to rider depending on several factors such as intended use or rider weight. The number of springs used can vary to modify the progression needed to address issues on a specific vehicle or to achieve certain ride characteristics. We often use small softer springs on top (often called tender, helper or zero-preload spring) to provide some initial plushness and a combination of other springs to control variables such as body roll, resistance to impacts and bottoming.

Why are shocks so expensive?2021-02-24T19:36:09-05:00

We use only the finest quality of components available to ensure top performance and consistency. All our products are assembled by hand by qualified staff at our factory. Therefore, most of the cost of our products is driven by materials and the rest is made up of the sophisticated R&D work, extensive testing and other general expenses that all businesses must face. We also pride ourselves with providing the best customer service in the industry!

How can you know how to setup my shocks according to my personal profile?2021-02-24T19:36:46-05:00

We develop our product platforms with enough performance and adjustability to cover the needs of virtually anybody. We then test the resulting products with riders of all ability levels, all sizes and under a wide variety of terrain conditions. After more than 20 years of doing this, we have compiled enough data to be able to apply our knowledge to your personal needs.

What makes Elka shocks better than the competition?2021-04-19T10:41:54-04:00

The devil is in the details as some say. We work very hard and spend tremendous amounts of time and money to test our products and make sure they will perform as expected for every rider, every time. This dedication to achieve great setups is what separates us from our competitors who might not have the time, resources, knowledge or will to go that extra mile.

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