We test extensively then carefully calibrate our Stage 2 shocks from the factory so you don’t have to worry about tuning, leaving you free to enjoy more riding

Sometimes less is more and our Stage 2 model is a good example. With less adjustments, you can pay less and still get the same quality components and careful craftsmanship as our higher models. While they might not feature all the bells and whistles, they will greatly improve your sled’s handling and comfort. Don’t be fooled by the Stage 2’s simplicity, these value-packed shocks are some of the best replacement shocks you can buy for your snowmobile.


  • Designed for recreational and OE replacement applications
  • Simple to use, bolt-on upgrade for improved handling, stability and comfort
  • Perfect choice for riders looking for a good shock at a good price
  • Vehicle-specific tuning, calibrated for your personal weight and type of riding
  • Great alternative to replacing or rebuilding worn-out stock shocks


  • Front ski shocks, 36mm, coilover, sold as a pair
  • Center track shock, 36mm, coilover or non-coilover, sold as a unit
  • Rear track shock, 36mm, coilover or non-coilover, sold as a unit
  • Configuration varies according to vehicle model and year



Controls the speed at which the shock absorber returns to its fully extended position after being compressed from an impact, keeping the skis or track on the snow for maximum traction and reducing the bucking effect caused by the spring pressure pushing back after an impact.

To use, turn the adjuster clockwise to slow down the rebound or turn counter-clockwise to speed up the rebound.


Available on all front ski shocks and coilover models at the center or rear position. Lets the rider fine-tune the initial force applied on the springs and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front and rear of the sled while setting up the ride height (sag) and to lower or raise the sled to adapt to various situations or to suit your personal preference.

To use, turn the preload adjustment ring clockwise (from top of the shock) to increase preload and raise the vehicle or turn counter-clockwise to reduce preload and lower the vehicle.

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  • Shocks are vehicle-specific and are designed to maximize the potential of that vehicle’s geometry

  • Tuning is optimized for your intended riding style
  • Spring setup according to your weight
  • After-sales support directly from the manufacturer


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