This is my first year of working with Elka suspension and the national distributor, So far, I am really happy with the products, the service from and my improving results. I have being running with elka products since middle of april and I can obviously tell that elka is the best of the best in quality and performance. From day one on a training camp in Spain, it maked a big difference for me and my riding style. The suspension just works so much more for you, without being too soft and making the bike feel slow. This opened up a new world for me, and did make me be a lot looser on the bike and let it do most of the job. The suspension is also super consistent, what is making it much easier for me to always be pushing the limits. raceready is also very helpful and talented. I and other customers can get help almost any time day and night, and I am always excited to learn more about suspensions, that I find really interesting. I was a little unlucky under training in the national championships track. I did hurt my wrist, and was not able to ride. Now, 2 weeks later I am much better and are feeling ready for some downhill training, after 2 weeks of road bike training. Now I am looking forward to the next race in Hafjell in Norway and the rest of the season. I am going to ride a Scandinavian cup in the 2012 WC track.