Rockville, IN (July 10, 2021) Rockville, Indiana is home to an abandoned town consisting of 20empty and corroding buildings that have not been used in many years. Tales of ghosts are normal folklore at the local diners in the area. The town was first built by the state of Indiana in response to a need to quarantine from an outbreak of tuberculosis in 1911. It was transformed into an insane asylum years later, then finally closed in 2011. Locals say the place was and is haunted and is why the company that was operating the insane asylum closed without notice and leaving all the furniture, equipment, and belongings behind.
Once closing, the facility has transformed into one of most unique venues for racing. Cross Country racers have the excitement of racing in the woods surrounding the town and in and around the old buildings.
Changing ownership in 2018, racing stopped in the eerie town. That is until Extreme XC Racing was awarded the opportunity to race the venue in 2021. The July weekend of 2021 did not disappoint. Thousands roared into the property to see a variety of ATV, motorcycle, and SxS racing.

Polaris RZR pilot, John Barnes made his way Saturday into Indiana to mark the second race of the day for him and his team. They had successfully podiumed in KY hours before. They were looking to keep the momentum going.

The last time that Barnes raced the ghost town venue was in 2018. It immediately became his favorite venue of all time. Tremendous history for over 100 years makes it unforgettable. Lots of stories of ghosts haunt the land. Barnes still thinks a ghost caused his motor to blow in 2018 ending his day early.
2021 is a new year and a new series is promoting the track. However, the Polaris team could not but wonder if the ghost of 2018 had returned when 15 minutes before the start, the floodgates from the sky let loose. Unrelenting rain hailed from the sky. To everyone’s surprise, the rain just stopped right as the flag dropped. The ghost of 2018 had left the ground completely saturated. It was going to be a muddy day.

Barnes was third off the start from row 2. The track was set up with the consideration that no rain was in the forecast. The rolling hills became road blockages as units became stuck one by one. Barnes made smart line choices and was able to make his way into the top five at the end of lap one and into the top three by lap 2. He made his way into second midway through and would take the checkers in that podium slot with a sigh a relief. The curse of 2018 was over.

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