Race report #55 Wyatt

Round 1 Worcs Canyon MX in Peoria AZ

Our race season began with a 2059 mile drive from Atlanta GA to Peoria AZ

I arrived at the track to see multiple step up and step down jumps.

The machine had never seen dirt and I was anxious to do some testing.

Practice went really well, the Factory Elka stage 4 shocks soaked up all the jumps and the suspension was the best I have ever had. P.Y .has out done himself.

The new machine with the Holz racing chassis handled so well, I would have chosen Holz even if it had no contingency. it exceeded my expectations

The track was gnarly with multiple step up and step down jumps. The weather was great for practice and for qualifying. The machine handled awesome and I was pumped for Saturdays race. However, the rain started Friday night and did not stop. Throughout the night the rain destroyed the track and all the prep that the Worcs staff had done, the track was amazing for practice and qualifying. However, my nightmare came true, this was gong to be another Glen Helen 2012.

With Muzzy’s power, the Dirty Dawg clutch and GBC dirt commander tire got us off the line with a good hole shot, and by lap “1”, I had a clear track ahead.

By lap 2, my tear offs were gone and the water was on the backside of the lens. So in an effort to see I grabbed a towel and used it for about 3 turns and that was it, the lens had to come open. “Big mistake”, using said towel to now wipe my eyes I made ¾ lap on the last lap and had to pull over and surrender my position. I no longer had any vision from the mud packed in my eyes, I tried holding my eyelids open to limp back but I literally could not see anything.

I am very disappointed that we missed out on a top 5 finish, but we will take our 8th place position and the points and move on to round 2 in Primm. Looking forward to it!!!!

A special thanks to the EMT staff that came to the motor home to flush the mud out of my eyes. I have never felt pain like this before and vision is coming back.

Special thank you to our sponsors

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Wyatt #55