On the weekend of the 13th of August, our German ATV distributor Quad Briel www.quad-briel.com held an Elka training session for German riders and racers.

Louis-René, Elka engineer, gave a suspension class to 10 lucky German riders, ½ of the day was suspension set-up and the other ½ day was at the race track.  All were excited to learn more on shocks and get the best out of their quads.

Louis-René was also able to tune the Eka shock set-up for the German Can-An DS450 that did the 12hrs Pont de Vaux (http://www.pdvracing.com/index.php?lang=en) endurance race the following weekend on the Can-Am/Quad-Briel/Elka.  Max Freund (Germany) /Joel Hetrick (USA) and Travis Moore (USA) rode a good race but mechanical issues in round 1 and 3 cut there chances of a podium for the weekend.