TannerJust turned 15 years old, Tanner Beckman #154 is currently vying for 3 National Championships in the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS).  Tanner on his Apex 250F quad with a LONESTAR designed chassis has taken the lead in the 12-15 Open Sport, Shifter Open Sport and Shifter Open Liquid Cooled classes.  The last class was created from the Shifter Open class after numerous complaints that liquid cooled engines were too fast to compete against air cooled motors. (It was an open class right?)  Tanner on his Apex competes in the Open Classes since his Apex 250cc is not in production yet.  Near the beginning of the series Tanner saw some mechanical failures.

Tanner had been preparing his own quad for the races, (his dad was busy with the 3 other brothers).  Finally Tanners dad sought out help from KENZ CYCLE TECH in Mesa, Arizona. Since Ken has been prepping the 250 and doing the motor work, mechanical failures are all but gone and the championship is up to Tanner.  The mechanic at Kenz Cycle Tech is meticulous and very detail oriented!  What a blessing for Tanner (and his dad)!  It also helped when Elka showed up and dialed in his ELKA shocks!

Tanner continues to face adversity. At the last race, Glen Helen in Southern California,  Tanner finished the last 2 laps with 2 flat rear tires.  Somehow Tanner managed to keep his lead and take 1st.  In the Sunday race, Tanner and a few other racers took a wrong turn on a poorly marked track.  After a correction and then getting stuck, Tanner was in dead last place.  He came back to win the 50 minute race!   Many spectators and parents have commented on Tanners ability to come from behind and take the 1st position.   Tanner is fun to watch and he has that “never give up” attitude.  The race in Mesquite, Nevada in October will finalize the Series.  Next year Tanner hopes to race a 450cc.  Good Luck Tanner!  Thanks to Ken and Randy @ Kenz Cycle Tech and Tony @ ELKA!

Teri Beckman
Apex Factory Racing Team Manager