We are now half way through both the NETT championship and also the Nationals . Ayrton is now fully recovered from the broken collar bone and making the points back in both championships ,currently up to 2nd in the NETT champs and 4th in the Nationals .Round 2 of the NETT Championship was at our local track 10mins from home and with friends and family there to support him he want to reward every one with a win . After practise he wasn’t happy “I just cant get in the grove I don’t feel happy with the track ” with this on mind 2-2-2 would be the result at the end of the day .


photoRound 5 and 6 of the Nationals at the ex GP track of FOXHILLS with its steep climbs and big jumps power and suspension set up would be a big help , a very mixed weather weekend with the track going from super soft to hard pack blue grooving in less than 5 races ! . Qualifying only 14th didn’t make any difference ,when the gate dropped the Janssen motor powered through to 3rd , Ayrton ran wide on the up hill double dropping to 6th .As the last lap flag came out the ELKA Shocks were dialled in good and Ayrton pulled some mega passes to climb back to 2nd . Race 2 and 3 were very much the same the DWT tyres handling to change track conditions and putting the Janssen power to the ground . The next day Ayrton started with two more 2nd,s but as the gate dropped for race 3 the rain came down making the track a mud bath ! on lap 2 Ayrton went missing ,the weight of the mud had pulled the wire off the HT coil and a DNF .

photo[1]Two weeks later up to DUNS MX PARC which is one of Ayrtons favourite tracks for rd 3 of the NETT Championship ,after the disappointment from rd 2 things would change . Out of the gate and it was plain to see he wasn’t going to wait for any one with lap times 2 seconds quicker than championship leader Harry Carmichael Ayrton took his first 1-1-1 of the season and pulling the points on the championship leader .

Round 4 was for a very special friend “CONNOR SMITH MEMORIAL ” at the Deanmoor mx . With a big 35 rider gate the competion was fierce . 3rd in the first moto due to the clutch adjuster coming loose was bettered by 2-2 and the second step on the podium and another 5 points of the leader . Ayrton commented ” this weekend has been very emotional ,loosing our good friend Connor last year was hard ,but to see everyone here just shows what a great guy he was RIP #660 this is for you ” “thanks to every one for the support and keeping me up front ”