Year after year, top racers coming from all over the world gather at the now famous Pont-de-Vaux race which is held once a year in the little village of Pont-de-Vaux in France.

This event is getting more and more popular each year and the 23rd edition proved that it is now recognized as a premier race. In fact, some say that to win this gruelling race is like winning a championship.



 13 nations were represented on the starting grid and a total of 486 racers came there expecting to win either in the endurance race or in the Quad Contest that is reserved for amateur level riders.

 100 journalists from 10 different countries were present to relate the event either live on the web, radio and television which translates in an international exposure that is unique to our favourite sport. No other ATV race gets so much media coverage and that explains the growing popularity of this venue.

 Elka Suspension had technicians there who worked around the clock in order to assist the many teams that were running on Elka Shocks. Richard Pelchat who is  a  factory racer for Can-Am finished in the 10th position while riding his Can-Am 450 even though the sub frame was broken. If it were not for the broken part, he would have probably finished in the top 5 position. It only proves how hard this endurance race is on a quad and also the rider. It is a very demanding race. – Team Mackin Joinery | MG Oil finished in the 6th spot.


Louis-René Sauvé who is an Elka engineer was a very popular man during this race.


tt start Le Mans type starts are always spectacular


This shows how demanding this race is on a machine


This is not a scene you’ll see often


The Elka technicians were greeted in France by PSR owner Bryce Mazarrico who is the exclusive distributor in France of every Elka products sold in that country. Bryce is well known and he is very respected at Pont-de-Vaux because of the quality of service he provides to every Elka riders. – For the 23rd edition of this endurance race, Bryce demonstrated to everyone that PSR ( Pièce-Service-Racing )is committed when comes the time to cater to the racers needs.


Two day’s prior to the race, Bryce organized a full day of testing on a private track and he invited riders who ride with Elka Shocks to come to this track and have the chance to exchange with the Elka technicians. – Thanks to this class act, riders were able to attend set-up clinics and about ride heights and many other important factors that help maximise the full potential of their shocks. – On top of preparing this free event, PSR owner also invited Sean Goss, SONIK Rafal (PL) / NOSS Justin (USA) / DIETRICH Timothy J. (USA), Max FREUND Maximilian and RISLENBIELER Kevin who all race at the Pont-de-Vaux endurance race.