Baja 500 2013

Team DLR / Felipe Vélez Finished 3rd in class 25

The team had a great weekend in Ensenada, Mexico in the Score International Baja 500


The green flag dropped for my good friend and rider Manlio Diaz at 6:18:30 am. He had a good run for the first 40 miles and Manlio rode the quad to my lithe nephew Jose Luis and took off like a bullet but he had a little accident at mile 60; his right foot went down and the rear tire grab his foot. Didn’t take too long for him to recover and he was back into the race until mile 100 where it was time for my friend Stefano Caputo to ride the hard summit. 20 miles before his last section he went down when he was about to pass an ATV in the dust. He missed a turn and it took him about 10 minutes to get back into the race. Mile 160, we checked the quad and it was time for Felipe Velez to ride with only 50 miles to go for his first section. He needed to ride like a stolen quad in the hot desert to get back in the fight and got very close to 8a at mile 201. Felipe handed the quad to his 16 years old nephew Jose Luis and he passed Dustin Nelson before mile 230 but we did a major pit stop to make sure our quad  was ok for the next 70 miles since Felipe will be on board without help around. He had a clean ride and handed the quad to Manlio to ride 30 miles. At mile 330, Mario Diaz got on the quad and had a good fast run. The quad ran without problems during the whole 500 miles and the team did a great job to keep the quad going all the way to the finish line and brought home the 3rd place.

We would like to thank our sponsors for making it happen:

Elka suspension, Roll Design, Duncan Racing, Fat Boy 4, Vortex Ignition, SDG USA, PRM, RPM, Streamline, TCS, Tireblocks, Fastway, Premier Motors, Combustibles Baja Sur, Díaz Álvarez Transportes, Speed Car Wash, Baja ATV Riders.