Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA was the host of round 7 of the WORCS series and many racers will never forget this race because of all the action that went on. – This race will mostly remembered because of the crash involving Natalie and Eichner on Fridays practice session. – Both riders were injured, but Eichner was the one that sustained the most serious injuries. – We can only hope for a speedy recovery for this respected racer.

Beau Baron was in the top five off the line and was on a hard charge trying to work his way up in the rough Glen Helen sand and heat. Despite a rough and rutted track, Baron began to pick off the competition one by one until reaching the number two spot at the midway point of the race.

Mike Cafro racing’s top racer managed to step on the podium for the 6th time this season and he is currently on the way to winning the championship.

As for Davi Haagsma, he continued to impress everyone who witnessed his win. He battled hard and strong and it paid off as he stepped on the podium with his No. 1 plate in hand. Davi Haagsma is a force to reckon with and we expect him to win the last race of this spectacular season.

Both Baron and Haagsma both race on Elka Suspension.