28.06.2009 Rasmus Ørnholdt Nielsen participated in the German Championship, which took place at the track in Prisannewitz, and he delivered two very fine results. Rasmus is almost 100% back after a sprained foot, that has teased a little on the physical plane.

Rasmus was ready for race, which he already showed during practice by making 2nd fastest time, and subsequently 5th fastest time during qualification, just a few hundredths of a second after number 3.

“If I am among the first 10, I am happy. Then the qualification only means, whether I am going to start on the right side or the left side of the start house. I use it to indicate, whether I am in the fast end of the top 10 or the slower end” – Rasmus tells.

First heat starts really well for Rasmus. He is out as 3, but must surrender the position to Joe Maesen, who quickly goes to 2nd position and forces to catch the leading Stefan Schreiber. In the meantime Rasmus establishes contact to number 3, overtakes and then make a hole and can ride safely over the finish line as number 3. He ends the heat approx. 20 seconds after the winning Stefan Schreiber.

Second heat is almost a copy of the first. Rasmus again makes a nice start and is out as 3 after Stefan and Joe, but as Joe makes a bad landing on the first jump, Rasmus passes him and takes 2nd position. It doesn’t take long before Joe passes again, but Rasmus is doing his best and catches up for a while. Schreiber, who is in the lead, must stop because of a defect in the steering system, and Rasmus is back up as 2. “My first thought when I see Stefan stopped by the side of the track, is VOLL GAS! I try the best I can, but as I have made a stupid mistake in the same corner two laps in a row, I decide to relax and concentrate on keeping Ingo in 3rd position behind me. But he establishes contact later in the heat, and I have to see me beaten” tells Rasmus, who ends the heat as number 3 again, and thus is overall number 3 on the day, à point with number 2.

  1. Joe Maesen – 47 points
  2. Ingo Ten Vregelaar – 40 points
  3. Rasmus Ørnholdt Nielsen – 40 points

“I am super happy with the result. I have worked hard to improve the technical issues and to find more speed around the whole track, and these efforts make results! I know I can do better than I have done till now in this season, and I have shown a little of it here. It will not be the last time, I stand at the podium, ” – says Rasmus.

Next race for Rasmus is the European Championship on the track in Slots Bjergby.