The new Can-Am Ryker is finally available and Elka Suspension is proud to be amongst the first aftermarket companies to offer support for this new vehicle!
Quite like it’s sibbling the Spyder, the Ryker lacks in shocks performance for great comfort and precise handling. With our expertise perfecting the Spyder shocks over the years, we were eager to get our hands on this new vehicle to see how much of an improvement we can provide.

2019 Can-Am Ryker

The newly developed Elka front shocks for the Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition will drastically improve the handling by providing much better rebound dampening and progressive valving for a direct and precise steering feel. Front shocks are available in Stage 1 to 5 options.

Can-Am Ryker – Elka Stage 5 Front Shocks

The rear shock is built to smoothly absorb road bumps and potholes compared to the extra bouncy stock unit. Like every Elka shocks, it’s built to the rider’s weight for optimal performance. Rear shock is available in Stage 3 to 5 options with remote reservoir.

Can-Am Ryker – Elka Stage 5 Rear Shock

Available in different configurations, there’s an option for everyone’s budget and performance requirements. Every Elka Ryker shock is completely serviceable and rebuildable to last the life of the vehicle.
Check out all the option for your Ryker Rally Edition at the following link:
Elka Suspension – Can-Am Ryker Rally Shocks

Shocks for the standard Ryker coming soon!