Christian Andersen, still a young man at only 13 years, recently swept the 300cc Air-Cooled Class Danish Championship on October 4th, 2009. Winning this Championship is a remarkable feat for him as this class is also raced by adults, often twice his age!

The final round was held at the Nybol Motocross Track located in southern Denmark. As usual, Christian was the youngest competitor of his class. He had a great day winning his first moto and taking second in the last moto. Those results allowed him to win the overall of the day and become the overall Danish Champion for the 2009 season.

Despite his young age, Christian proved he really deserves his title by dominating the Series with 232 points out of 250 possible points. Second position overall 2009 was taken by Alexander Norskov with 212 point and third was Anders Dyrholm Kam.

Christian commented:

I’ve had a great year without any injury and getting a lot of practice done. Prior to the race season, we even went to Spain to train and take advantage of the better weather in February. Down there, we enjoyed two weeks of intensive quad cross racing. Cool !

My Honda TRX300 has a great set up with Elka Suspension Elite shocks and Lonestar chassis components. Everything worked flawlessly during the entire season, especially my Elka shocks – they surely allowed me to cut precious seconds from my lap times when I needed it the most.

For the upcoming 2010 race season, my father will upgrade me to a set of Elka Factory Shocks for my LTR450!  I really look forward to the first practice hours so we can test them and dial them in.