The word home is a relative term. This four letter word can be defined as “a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates”. For 2014 AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year, Cody Janssen, any soil labeled as the great state of Wisconsin is home. For the first time in years, Wisconsin’s one and only professional ATV athlete would be able to show his craft in front of the Wisconsin faithful at the first annual ATV World Championship Derby in Eagle River, Wisconsin. What an event this would end up being.
Janssen came in a heavy favorite, and that showed as he won all four motos, lapping the entire field in the main event live on TV. Cody went out of his way to get the thousands of spectators on hand pumped up as he threw his hands in the air over the finish line, revved his #40 machine at the crowd as he threw up the number one on the front stretch after the race, and even threw his 100% goggles to one lucky fan. Janssen proudly hoisted the huge trophy and giant check after the race, telling the fans they were the best crowd he had ever competed in front of and this was the greatest event he had ever attended.

WC3        “I tried to put on a good show for the crowd, and I hope everyone realizes how special this is.” Janssen said post-race. “There has never been a race like this before, and to have it in Wisconsin feels like a dream come true. It’s so great to be a part of this and to be the first World Championship winner, it doesn’t get any better. Everyone that wasn’t here is going to wish they were, this event is going to get huge. I’m so thankful for this event; the Decker family knocked it out of the park. I’ll be back for as long as they keep doing it, best event I’ve ever been a part of.”
Janssen noted he felt like a rock star after the race with the amount of press that wanted a moment with him; 5+ TV channels and newspapers interviewed him after the big win. He also joked after the weekend that he’d need to find a jumbo bank to cash his jumbo check!
Cody’s win at the first annual ATV World Championship Derby wouldn’t have been possible without the great care and support from the people that back Cody and his racing. He must thank his parents/family and the rest of the Janssen Motorsports crew; Thank you to Elka Suspension for everything they do for #40, phenomenal products and even better people. Also, Londerville Steel and the Londerville Family, Corrosion Specialties and the Parrish Family, Jay at Impact Solutions, Maxxis Tires, SSI Decals, Walsh Racecraft, Valvoline, Koster Racing, FMF, Hinson Clutch Components, DP Brakes, Thor MX, 100%, Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing, Napa of Peru, Indiana; FourWerx Carbon, Sconnie Nation, Piping Service INC., Ryno Power, DT-1 Filters, Sunstar Sprockets, D.I.D Chains, Galfer USA, Rath Racing, Pivot Works, CP-Carrillo, Dynamite ATV, Tweeked Powderworks, Honda East Toledo, Works Connection, Don Straus, Pro-Tec, Jeremy Edwards at Edwards Auctioneering, Corey Garrison at Parts Unlimited, Terry Moore, Frank Vallone and family, Dynamic Graphics, Team AndyStrong, his phenomenal mechanics (Joel Janssen, Todd Blom, and Dan Binder), and everyone else that supports him. The Janssen team is like a set of gears, Joel and Lisa Janssen along with Haley Davis (girlfriend) make Cody and his racing successful, it wouldn’t be possible without each one of them. Finally, Motor Master Powersports and Speed Graphics Company must be thanked for this weekend’s photos. Until next time, God bless.