Parker, Arizona (25/10/2020) – The last race of the year took us back to Parker, Arizona. We finally got a decent starting position with 11th. We took off and our goal was to push the first lap to try to avoid the gnarly dust of the 80+ UTVs that started behind us. The first lap was absolutely flawless. We were gapping the UTVs behind us and were starting to reel in the UTVs ahead of us. Heading out on the second lap, we made a costly mistake and ended up breaking our front right shock shaft about 10 miles later. We finished the remaining miles of the beat Parker terrain bouncing around with only three shocks. It was rough, but we were determined to make it to the finish to tear down the car to get our shock rebuilt and ready for Sunday’s race. As a result of our not so great finish on Saturday, we started in the back of the back on Sunday. Once getting to staging, we began to inconsistently lose 4- wheel drive and power steering. With no time to assess and repair, we started the race with the goal to finish every mile and get our final finish of the season. Colt powered through the desert’s chop and drove 80% of the race without 4-wheel drive and power steering. We finally made it to the finish, ending up with a 24th overall for the weekend. When our Can-Am was running flawlessly, we were able to gauge our speed and abilities to the top finishing teams around us. We are more motivated and excited for the 2021 season to get here. We could not have finished this season without the above and beyond support from our sponsors. Last season (2019), we only finished the Mint 400, this season we finished every single race entered other than Vegas to Reno.

Dusty Crew Race Team is beyond thankful for all of the companies that are helping us get to each and every race this season.

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Thank you to the Dusty Crew Pit Crew: Rick Bosemer, Eric Pealstrom, and Andrea Henderson

Photos: Dirt Nation Magazine / Harlen Foley