Sebastian Michelsen, Danish Champion 450 Pro 2012.:

April 6. 2013 were the day for the first rounds of the 2013 race season. I really looked forward to the day.

During winter I managed to get a lot of practice, my YFZ-R were all new and build from ground up with Lonestar Racing and Stage 5 Elka shocks. The weather were great, the track smooth and good looking. I were more ready than ever to defend my 2012 Championship.

Qualification.: I used some time to fine the best lines and memorize the jumps, then started to push for more speed and finally I did two fast laps resulting in qualified second. Probably I could have improved my time, but I was happy and decided to save myself and my quad.

Heat one.: I came of the gate great finding my self in the lead of pack. I had a lot of energy, my Stage 5 worked fantastic and I decided to try create a more comfortable gap to my competition, allowing me to keep a safe pace throughout the first heat. I managed to do so and finished up first. What a great feeling and a nice first heat for season startJ

ProATVdk4Second heat.: Again i came out of the gate nicely, but this time second. I noted the track really took a beating and were roughened up badly. I knew I would have to rely on Elka, Yamaha and my hard physical workout during the winter. I pushed like crazy and actually succed passing. I held no.1 spot for some rounds. Unfortunately i made mistakes on the rough track, and i had to give up my lead with a drop to second spot. I realised that I used a lot of my strength in the first heat as I started to feel tired and only two rounds from the checkered flag I had to give up my second spot going down to a third. However my mechanic gave me signal “ keep safe 3 spot” for you will to safely win first spot on the day – and I did!

The guy in lead, is the only one to ride with a red number plate – I managed to keep it! J

Thanks to Yamaha, Elka, Lonestar and

-Sebastian #8