Yamaha Quad X Series Round 6 & 7 – Glen Helen Raceway, Devore, CA – 7/14-15/12 : Rounds 6 and 7 of the Yamaha Quad X series were held at Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California.  The track layout was very different from our previous visit with some welcomed technical sections and jumps but still had the long start and big hills Glen Helen is famous for.  The weekend started with very east coast type weather with temps in the 90’s and light rain on Friday but was back to the “dry heat” for Sunday.

Rnd 6 Moto 1:  Beau Baron took the holeshot as Davi Haagsma and I rubbed most of the way down the long start.  Haagsma was able to edge me out for 2nd as we entered the Talladega turn.  Baron rode some flawless laps out front and pulled a small gap on Haagsma and myself.  I tried to stay close and apply pressure, hoping for a slip up but I was the first to make a mistake and pushed over a berm at the bottom of Mt. St. Helens.  Once Haagsma pulled a gap on me I could not make the time back up and steadily fell further behind the lead duo.  At the finish it was Baron with the win followed by Haagsma, me, Josh Row and Jason Fife.

Rnd 6 Moto 2:  Haagsma battled Baron through the first turn and collected the Yamalube/GYTR $250 Holeshot award.  Row started well this time and was ahead of me in third.  The track crew was watering a bit much in some sections and as I got to the inside of Row exiting the rhythm section I nearly spun all the way around.  Row was so thrown off by my unexpected move that he was forced outside in the turn and I was still able to pull off the pass and move into 3rd.  The race quickly spaced out with no real battling going down.  Baron looked as if he could make the race interesting in the final few laps but never really pressured his teammate for the win.  When the checkers flew it was Haagsma with the win, followed by Baron, Me, Fife and Lance Hancock with his first top 5 of the season.

Rnd 7 Moto 1:  Baron was first again as we exited turn one.  Haagsma was 2nd and I was 3rd, but as Haagsma drifted outside to line up Baron in turn two I drove hard down the inside.  I threw the bike in pretty sideways but we still came together, pushing Haagsma wide and letting me grab 2nd.  For the next two laps I chased Baron and ate his roost trying figure out where I could make a pass attempt.  The only place we were using different lines was through the rhythm section and on lap 3 I was close enough to get up the inside of him as we entered the following turn.  Baron and Haagsma were right on my grab bar when Baron took a very strange outside line moving Haagsma into 2nd.  Haagsma applied pressure the whole moto and was nearly next to me as we climbed the hills but I was able to hold on for the win ahead of Haagsma, Baron, Row and Colt Brinkerhoff, who broke his Honda on Saturday and had his highest moto finish of the season on Row’s practice YFZ 450R.

Rnd 7 Moto 2:  Haagsma once again grabbed the Yamalube/GYTR $250 Holeshot award and clearly led the rest out of turn one.  Baron was 2nd and I was 3rd.  As we came down Mt. St. Helens for the first time I noticed that both Haagsma and Baron had changed their line entering the rhythm section to match mine from the first moto.  Baron struggled through the section on his new line and I was again able to make the pass and move into 2nd.  Haagsma was setting a very fast pace out front and over the next few laps I cooked my rear brakes trying to catch him.  With little to no rear brakes I began to struggle to hit my lines correctly and eventually climbed a berm, handing 2nd back to Baron.  Haagsma was long gone out front and rode well all the way to the finish to take the win ahead of Baron, me, Row and Jason Fife.

Rounds 6 & 7 of the Yamaha Quad X series were tough.  Haagsma and Baron are riding really good and their bikes are really fast, that’s a tough combination to beat.  Time now to work harder on myself and the bike to see if we can get back on top of the podium at round 8 of the Yamaha Quad X series at Speedworld MX Park on September 22nd.

– Report by Dustin Nelson

Rnd 6 Top Five Results

  1. Davi Haagsma (Hon)
  2. Beau Baron (Hon)
  3. Dustin Nelson (Yam)
  4. Jason Fife (Yam)
  5. Josh Row (Yam)

Rnd 7 Top Five Results

  1. Davi Haagsma (Hon)
  2. Dustin Nelson (Yam)
  3. Beau Baron (Hon)
  4. Josh Row (Yam)
  5. Colt Brinkerhoff (Yam)

Points after Rnd 7

  1. Dustin Nelson  –  158
  2. Davi Haagsma  –  147
  3. Josh Row  –  134
  4. Beau Baron  –  129
  5. Jason Fife  –  122