Just got back from another awesome weekend of racing. This past weekend we headed down to Port Angeles in Washington for the 2nd round of the NorthWest Cup.
The track was super fast and rough compared to the first round but the drying conditions and sun on friday and saturday was leaving everyone practicing with a smile on there face.

Unfortunately just as after practice finished on Saturday the clouds opened up, with the forecast calling for 2 inch’s of rain through Sunday evening.
Come Sunday morning the track proved to not be too affected by the heavy downpour and the whole team ended up laying down great times, almost getting another 5 guys in the top 10 pro men .
Luke Strobel     1st        2:35
Andrew Mitchell  2nd     2:37
Dean Tennant    3rd       2:38
Dan Smith          5th      2:42
Adam Mantle      8th     2:43
Robert Venables 11th    2:46

Refer to the attached file for results. Nothing is officially up online