Coming off last weekend at the 1st Canada Cup where Drew took 1st and Dean 2nd,  the boys were excited to showcase there skills at the US Open in New York against a much larger field filled with some of the best racers in the world .

(Drew)So Last weekend was sweet! I was pumped to get my first win underway for the 2011 season.
This year has slowly been getting better and better as far as my racing goes, I seem to be improving at everyrace. I am really excited for this weekend as the competition gets ramped up again!

(Dean) Things are heating up literally and figuratively at the US Open in New Jersey; today was 39 degrees with the humidity! I’m excited for qualifying tomorrow, I want to see how I’m riding compared to the top guys. After last weekend in Tremblant this course feels smooth!

Practice went good for both the boys, They both said they had smooth and consistent runs in the qualifiers ( At the US open only top 50 Pro Men Qualify for the finals) but wanted to open it up more in the Finals

Qualifying Results

For the Finals the boys were able to take a bit of time off there Qualifying. I haven’t had a chance to talk to drew but Dean says he was not happy with his run and said that he was struggling with riding loose enough on the track.

Finals Results