The 2012 edition of the Challenge Route 40 saw the debut of the team composed ELAION MOTO RALLY Daniel Domaszewski pilots and Gaston Gonzalez, and with the technical assistance of the prestigious MEC TEAM. The race was, to say of all participants, “A 5-day Dakar” where pilots experienced in this activity is referred to a couple of stages as “the hardest I ever have run.”

For this novel starting squad was good in the first kilometers of the opening stage, where both drivers remained in the leading group among 4×2 Quads. However things began to unravel over a lagoon formed by unexpectedly. The large amount of rainfall brought about deep muddy puddles which determined much of the competition. Water affected engines both machines and made Gastón González completed his engine overheated after becoming bogged down.

The Quad Domaszewski Daniel suffered loss of oil due to overheating also. To get out of this “trap” the two pilots had to march together, giving support and looking out of the way out of this tremendous day, with expectations to improve the next day. It arrived at the first bivouac Domaszewski towing Gonzalez at 2: 30 AM.

The arrival time the team left little room to try to repair both machines (at 5:11 and had to largar to the second day of competition). It was therefore decided to work on the Quad was the least damaged of Domaszewski, while Gonzalez, one of the contenders for the title in the 4×2, was defecting.

In two hours they did everything possible and Daniel largaba stage 2 with a machine that was not 100% and that the pilot had set up to take care of the back to the bivouac, with time to continue the repair work in the motor. But the second day showed no mercy. For pilots “dakarianos” category was the toughest stage run in the country, more so than any disputed in Dakar. Despite this, Daniel managed to reach the second bivouac and there the Mec Team was able to continue work on the Quad looking RELIABILITY and regain competitiveness.

Stage 3 had Domaszewski with an eye toward advancing positions without punishing your unit. Despite the cautious pace of its pilot, previous damage caused to cut a valve and Domaszewski stayed outside. The team work was commendable and put back on track the quad to go ahead reclosed. With the machine by 75% could meet Daniel steps 4 and 5, and get to the end of an edit longed extremely demanding of Route 40.

The final balance of the team indicates that while the fight could not tip as thought by the misfortunes, was very important to work to overcome the obstacles that were presented career, joining forces between pilots and mechanics. Also could do good experience with navigation key stages as they passed through the dunes Fiambalá. Reach the finish ramp in a race as tough as this and so many unexpected, speaks of a good exercise in survival, which for the coming Dakar leaves a good taste of its members.