I (Cody Janssen) was born into a racing family and, at a very young age, began to follow in my father’s footsteps. Allow me to take you back to the year 2000, I’m eight years old, and I’m already entrenched in ATV riding and racing when a company called Elka Suspension is founded. As I began to spread my wings as a young racer, it was no coincidence that I was doing so while riding aboard the new and transcendent technology that Elka Suspension had to offer. In 2007, I put my name on the map by winning my first national title, the WPSA Production Lites National Championship. This was arguably the most prestigious youth ATV racing title of that era, competing against the likes of Jeffrey Rastrelli, Mark Madl, Jason Connell, Neil McGrath, and others who went on to have stand-out careers. This was just the beginning of my success on the national scene, success that was achieved thanks to the support of Elka Suspension and their unprecedented and futuristic ATV shocks.

Years would pass before I’d add a second national title to my resume, six to be exact. During that period the WPSA series folded, the recession transpired and resulted in my family being unable to afford to attend many national events, and I was broken-hearted by our inability to chase the dream that I possessed since I was a little boy. When we would attend an event or two per season, I’d make it count however, winning races years after year in the 16-24 and “A” classes before finally getting my chance. A generous man, who believed I was deserving of the support, was assembling a team and offered the opportunity for me to join. This ultimately opened the door to the career in ATV racing that I had always desired.

Throughout the years of part-time national racing, Elka stood behind me, supporting me every step of the way. In 2013, now using Elka Suspension’s unrivaled Stage 5 shocks, I wrapped up my second National Championship (4-Stroke A) before graduating to the pro ranks and competing against my heroes. I was lining up against riders whose posters still hung on my walls, while posters featuring me riding Elka suspension were being hung on the bedroom walls of young riders everywhere.

I had been using Elka Suspension for well over a decade, when Impact Solutions entered the equation. Impact Solutions is a factory authorized service center for Elka Suspension in the United States. The masterminds at Impact Solutions (Jay Gobel and Casey Greek) possess a vast amount of knowledge, expertise, and experience at the highest levels of racing. By inserting the strengths of Impact Solutions into the already industry leading suspension offered by Elka, it allowed for myself (and so many others like me) to take monumental leaps and bounds forward. Now armed with the support of both Elka Suspension and Impact Solutions, I was awarded AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year honors in 2014, my first year as a full-time professional.

Six years would again pass before I’d add another national title to the mantle. My professional career was hindered by injuries and exhaustion due to the toll of competing against the world’s best at the highest-level racing in the sport – but both Elka Suspension and Impact Solutions never waivered in their support of me. After four seasons as a professional, I decided to step away from the Pro Class. I had checked that box off my list of goals, but I couldn’t just walk away from this sport after a lifetime within it. So, after finishing the season as a top ten pro amongst the fastest ATV racers on the planet, we decided to make some major changes for the 2018 season.

I opted to enter the Junior 25+ division, which would’ve been better named the “ex-pro class” that season, as a handful of former professionals lined up to do battle. I won three national events and finished in the top two every single moto I attended, but missing an event was a hurdle I simply couldn’t overcome and ultimately resulted in coming up nine points short of a title. Winning is always the goal, but that season will forever be remembered as a major success. I had fallen back in love with the sport I had given my entire life to.

In 2019, I was determined not to come up short. I was more excited about racing than ever before, more determined than ever before, and more proud than ever before due to the fact that my racing program had reverted back to how it was when I was coming up through the ranks – a family affair. The only hands that touched my machines were either my dad’s, my longtime right-hand man (Dan Binder), or my own. I came out of the gate on a tear last season, but I few hiccups kept the standings close, and even forced my back against the wall as the season winded down. I ended up having to win the last few races to complete the mission, but that’s exactly what we did. I won my third National Championship, my first since 2013, by a single point.

The goal for 2020 was to leave no room for doubt. We successfully defended our 2019 title by winning four of the final five overalls this season, ended the season on a four-moto winning streak, won by a 16+ second average margin of victory, and ultimately claimed back-to-back National Championships in the Junior 25+ division.

So much changed over the years, but one major aspect of my program always remained – the appreciation and trust in my Elka Suspension tuned by the experts at Impact Solutions. There is no better combination in ATV racing than the capability of Elka Suspension and the knowledge/expertise of Impact Solutions. Together we’ve accomplished 42 national event victories, 4 National Championships (including back to back titles in 2019-2020), an AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year award, and so much more. From a little boy with a dream, to making those dreams a reality, I’ve been an Elka rider throughout it all; and since the birth of Impact Solutions, I’ve been a proud rider of theirs too.

I’ve always said if I couldn’t ride Elka Suspension, I wouldn’t ride at all. That statement morphed to include Impact Solutions over the years, but one element always remained true. I will never desire to ride anything less than Elka Suspension’s top of market shocks, and I will never entrust anyone other than Impact Solutions to tune and service my shocks – just like they stayed dedicated to me despite the peaks and valleys over the years.

Amazing products, incredible ability, and even better people – that is Elka Suspension and Impact Solutions. I am proud to continue to ride with the support of Elka Suspension and Impact Solutions. These back-to-back National Championships (and all the accomplishments that came before them) are not just mine, but yours as well. Thank you for all the support!

Cody Janssen – Back to Back ATV Motocross National Champion (Junior 25+ 2019 & 2020)