Rider: Alex Fortune #46
SxS Vehicule: Speedwerx built Arctic Cat Wildcat X
Elka Product: Stage 5
Class: Open/Unlimited

When did you start racing SxS?

AF: 2013 was my first year racing

How did you get into SxS racing?

AF: I had the opprotiunity to race at ERX motor park in Elk River Minnesota so I thought why not , with only half a day of practice at a friend’s track , I walked away from ERX with a 3rd place podium finish , I was hooked.


What do you like the most about it?

AF: Def. the people, the fans are great, the other racers are genuine and relaxed and the staff at ERX are awesome. The companies involved in my program are all very enthusiastic to hear and see what you’ve done and want to help bring you to that next level.

What inspires you to keep pushing in your sport?

AF: Just seeing where I can go with it , pushing as hard as I can and trying new things to gain a better result every race, through every practice.

What do you like about your Elka Stage 5?

AF: I cannot say enough about these shocks, they’re phenomenal. Before making the switch I had a nose dive condition I could not overcome without letting off the power and cornering was fair but unpredictable. When I made the switch I no longer had to adapt my driving style to fit the car, the cars adjustability in the shocks made it so I could push harder than before with the predictability around corners, jumps, whoops and other obstacles. that insures confidence when I roll onto the course.

When you are not riding how do you spend your time?

AF: You mean there’s time when you’re not riding? Ha-ha , My life is consumed by Sxs snowmobiles, motorcycles, and street rods. When I’m not doing that I am usually traveling and experiencing all that life has to offer and having fun doing it.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

AF: Id like to expand my racing from just short course to other styles, Iowa has a fantastic cross country series and the Terracross series looks like a lot of fun if time will allow me to attend those races.