French championship 2nd round

The weekend started slow for me. Couldn’t get the flow in the track and was struggling with bike set up. In qualification set the 8th time, for what I wasn’t happy. After qualification we did some changes to the quad which worked, but still was not happy about my riding.  First moto got a good run from the gate, but in the first corner my feet stuck somewhere in nerf bars, lost couple positions while I was trying to get it out. After first lap I was around 8th position. Around mid race couple riders lost their speed and i moved up on to 5th place where i stayed till the end of the race.

Second moto started similar to the first, after start I was 6th, lost couple positions in first corners, then two riders stuck together at end of the first lap, what put me back in the 6th position. From there I started to put clean laps, after mid race again I passed two guys and was up in 4th place. In that moment was feeling really good, my fitness was there. Started to closed up on the 3rd place, but then heavy rain came down, which made track really slippery and tricky. With rain the chasing for 3rd ended and just focused on finishing the race.

I am satisfied with my racing, saw that I have fitness to go all race.

Edgar Mengelis

Moto 2

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