4/22/12, Hesperia, CA (REPORT BY DUSTIN NELSON) –  Round 3 of the Yamaha Quad X Series was held in Hesperia, CA at Competitive Edge MX. The track has long, fast straights and many big jumps going back and forth over the hill. The CEMX crew did a great job preparing the track after Saturday’s practice as it was ripped deep with lots of water to fight off the dust with the heat and wind. When the day was over, the top 3 steps on the podium were Elka riders.

Moto 1: David Haagsma took the holeshot with Beau Baron 2nd and Jesse Goss 3rd. I was 4th around the first turn and made the pass on Goss in turn two. Shortly into the first lap Baron had issues with his bike and pulled to the side of the track handing me 2nd place. Haagsma already had a good cushion on me so I tried hard to ride perfect laps and catch the leader. Behind me was a great battle for 3rd between Goss and Josh Row, with Goss holding Row off for more than half the race. After a few mistakes I lost touch with Haagsma as he rode very fast all the way to the checkers. The first moto top 5 were Haagsma, me, Row, Goss and Jason Fife.

Moto 2: Haagsma again took the holeshot and the GYTR/Yamalube $250 holeshot award. This time I exited the first turn 2nd after battling with Fife through turn one. I immediately latched onto Haagsma’s bumper to try and not let him get away. The first half of the race was very intense as I rode the corners as fast as possible to try and keep up with the rocket ship Haagsma was riding down the straights. He would pull 3 bike lengths down a straight then I would make it up in the corners, only to be pulled again. I wanted to keep the pressure on but eventually made a mistake just riding the corners too hard and lost a few seconds. After that I could never gain the ground I had lost and when I pushed harder, it only seemed to back fire on me with more mistakes. About ten seconds back, Baron, Row and Fife had another great battle going for 3rd. Fife held the position early but was eventually overtaken as Row passed Baron and Fife in one lap. Baron came back to take 3rd from Row near the end of the moto. The second moto top 5 were Haagsma, me, Baron, Row, Fife.

Round 3 of the Yamaha Quad X Series was a tough one. I rode well but we just didn’t quite have enough for the win. Haagsma rode very well and definitely gave us something to shoot for at round 4 of the Yamaha Quad X series in two weeks at The Ranch, another track we haven’t been to in a few years.

Dustin Nelson #94


  1. David Haagsma (HON)
  2. Dustin Nelson (YAM)
  3. Josh Row (YAM)
  4. Jason Fife (YAM)
  5. Jesse Goss (SUZ)


  1. David Haagsma
  2. Dustin Nelson
  3. Beau Baron
  4. Josh Row

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