AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championships– Round 5 – Sunset Ridge MX – May 7, 2011

Oil City, PA (5/10/2011) – Someday he will be a champion. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day in the not so distant future, Hetrick Racing/Makson Construction’s Joel Hetrick will leave a major mark on the sport of ATV racing…bank on it.

During his Pro debut at the opening round of the 2011 AMA-ATV Motocross Championship series in Georgia, Hetrick came out of the gate smokin’ with a bundle of nerves wrapped around his neck. He admitted he was concerned about the veteran Pros behind him and after two motos of racing, filled with looking back to see who was closing in on him, he scratched out a 6th place overall finish for the event. Not bad for a rookie Pro, but unacceptable to Hetrick’s higher expectations of himself.

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