Injuries Update

At Spring Creek MX, MN I had a crash in Saturday morning practice and as soon as it happened I had a lot of pain in my right hand. The paramedic’s on sight said it was just jammed and to ice it and the swelling would go down. So I iced it all day and it just kept getting bigger. We went over to 88 Live to ride medical unit and the nurse said I need to go get x-rays. Joel and my brother took me to the hospital and after x-rays they said I broke two bones in my right hand and fractured my left wrist which I thought all day was just jammed.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.53.20 PMWhen I got home I went to a hand specialist and he said I actually broke three bones in my right hand and another fracture in my wrist. I told the doctor I need to have both cast off in four weeks so I could finish this season. I told him I was running second in two classes and third in my other class. He said save it for next season and he would see me in a week.

Well this doctor just keeps giving me bad news at my follow up with him he said the bones are not growing back together correctly. He will be doing surgery on my hand Monday to put some pins and a plate in. So now it could be even longer before I get back on my bike.

You never really know why things happen in life I guess it’s just what you learn from them. We had a great season this year with the best opportunity I have ever had to win the championship in not one but a possibility of three classes.

I would like to thank my brother Jimmy for the best set up on my bikes this season. Todd otherwise known as “The Wizard” for the very best motors on the track. Both of us smiled with each hole shot and top finish we had. And Joel Janssen for always helping dialing in my quad and tires.

With our season over early and being so close to a championship this makes me want to work even harder for next year. Our plan for next year is to ride 250’s and move up to the schoolboy open class and the schoolboy Sr. class. Thanks for all the help from Jeremiah Jones; my brother has already started the build on my new bikes. We plan on getting a head start on next season as soon as my doctor clears me to ride. I will be bringing back national championship to all of you guys!

I would like to say a special thank you to all my sponsors that have helped me out this year. It would not be possible without each and every one of you. My team: FSI/Janssen Motorsports, my mechanic Jimmy my engine builder Todd. Also I would like to thank my family and my teammate Cody Janssen, Matt with Fredericksburg Motorsports for getting me all the parts I need. Ian with SSI decals for the sweetest graphics, Cynthia and Jay with Elka Suspension for everything they do for me, Mr. Jimmy with Rheem, Mr. Ratti with Gemaire, Jay with Maxxis tires, Michael Walsh with Walsh race craft , DP brakes, Motul, 100% goggles, Hinson clutches, Jeremiah Jones, Rath, Thor, D.I.D, Tweeked Powersports and FMF pipes.