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July 26 and 27th, Round 8 of the AMA ATV Mountain Dew Championship Series was held in Buchanan, MI at the legendary track, RedBud MX. It was a much anticipated weekend of racing with circuit favorite jumps such as LaRoccco’s leap and the ski jump. A world-class track provided the riders and spectators with unforgettable challenges. It was a perfect weekend for racing and the track conditions were great.

Jake Howald, #62, would have to qualify in both his 450A Class and College Boy 16-24 since more than 20 riders were competing in each group. Satisfied with a great practice on Friday, he was ready for the gate drop. Howald successfully qualified 5th in both of his classes on Saturday. On Sunday, he would line up first for the College Boy class. He was able to maneuver cleanly around 2 separate incidents involving other riders and charged for the front. He finished in 6th place. In 450A, Howald would have a decent holeshot and at one point was in 8th position. Midway through the race he was in a minor altercation causing him to lose two positions. He would finish in 10th.

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Having had a 5th and 6th place finish in College Boy, he would end up 6th overall. In 450A, he went 5th and 10th for a 10th overall. In the points standings he is in 5th in College Boy and remained unchanged at 15th in 450A. The 9th and final round will be held in Hurricane Mills, TN at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, August 9th and 10th.

Notes from Howald: “We had a solid weekend of racing at RedBud. I love this track and it was great to see so many friends I have made since I have been racing. Thank you to my family, girlfriend, and friends for all of your love and support through this season and the last 9 years of racing. A big thank you to my step-dad, Chris Ginger, for flying in from NJ to be my mechanic and be with me at the gate. Thank you to my extended race family: Joel, Lisa, Cody, Haley, and Janssen Motorsports. Your support, knowledge and encouragement mean the world to me. I would like to thank Elka Suspension, Walsh Race Craft, Fly Racing, FMF, Rath Racing, GPS Off-Road, 100%, Renthal, Hinson Clutch Components, Fasst Company, Dynamite ATV, Sunstar, DP Brakes and Tweeked Powderworks. I am so grateful and blessed to be backed by the best in the industry. To my local sponsors: SSI Decals and Ian Harris (It was great to see you this weekend), Dr. Johnson, Chiropractor of Winnebago, Anytime Fitness of Winnebago, Brian White Racing , Freeport Honda Kawasaki, Chad Wienen and Wienen Motorsports, and Rod’s Shop. I have one more round to give it everything I have. Thank you for helping me have a great year. I am very blessed.”