Cody Janssen Sunset Ridge Race Report/ 5 Races, 5 Wins

The Sunset Ridge National in Walnut, Illinois has always been known as Cody Janssen’s “home race”. This year the race was Round 5 of the Mountain Dew AMA ATV Motocross National Championship series. It was no secret coming into the weekend that Cody had this race marked on his calendar. “I’ve definitely been waiting for this one!” Cody said before practice on Friday. “This race is right in my backyard compared to most of them and I always seem to do well here. It should be a good weekend.”

walnut2013_2As always, Saturday is a laid back one moto day of the 21 year old Janssen. He felt really good in Friday practice and that clearly carried over into his first race of the weekend. Cody grabbed the holeshot in his A Class and led the moto from start to finish. He also made a statement in doing so by setting the fastest lap time of the day (not set by a pro). Rain was the talk going into Sunday, but racers were delighted to wake up to reasonably dry conditions. Cody’s 2nd moto of 4 Stroke A was right away in the morning; rain came down lightly as the riders took the gate. This moto would not be quite as easy as moto 1. Janssen started in 3rd and had to bide his time as the leaders went at it on the opening lap. He made a couple attempts before moving into 2nd on lap 2, moving into the lead on lap 3, and leading the rest of the race for a 1-1 score and yet another overall victory. Many people called this the best race to watch of the entire weekend. Cody Janssen is undefeated in 4 Stroke A, winning all 5 rounds and has a stranglehold on the title with a 79 point lead.

After such great performances in the A class, the FSI Janssen Team rider was very confident for Sunday’s Pro Am races. In the Pro Am first moto, Cody started outside the top 5 but made his way up to 4th by midrace and that’s where he’d finish come moto’s end. Everything looked very promising going into moto 2, Janssen said he felt good about his chances of making the podium. Then the rains came. “I think this plays into our favor (the rain), I’m a great mud rider. Now I just have to make it happen!” Janssen said before moto 2. But it was not to be. After a great start, Janssen was involved in yet another first corner pile up. After a goggle malfunction, he had to throw them. Cody’s heart and determination was on full display though as he moved from 20th all the way up to 11th with no goggles in the rain, mud, and sand. It doesn’t show on the results, but Cody’s performance was a gutty one for the ages. He spent 2 hours getting his eyes washed out after the race was over. “It’s disappointing no doubt. When the rain started coming down before the second moto, I wasn’t even upset. I know I’m better than anyone out there in those conditions but two people got together in front of me and I had nowhere to go.” Janssen said in disappointment. “After I plowed into them, I got smacked from behind and turned all the way backwards on the track. It just wasn’t my day, after throwing my goggles I was turning the same lap times as the leaders but I was so far behind that it didn’t matter and when I came up on another rider I had to look away and take all the bad lines just to stay out of their roost and still try to pass them. But all else aside, I got another A Class win and the title is in my sight. Counting our blessings and we’ll be back stronger than ever in Virginia!”

Cody wanted to get a win this weekend not only for breast cancer victims, survivors, and anyone else it has affected, but also his grandmother who was in attendance for the first time in his whole career. He was able to do so and even get her up on the podium for a picture. From never seeing him race to up on the podium with him in just a few days, that’s pretty amazing. Finally, Cody must thank all of his sponsors. First and foremost his great team, Team Janssen Motorsports FSI, Roy, Faye, and Troy Hill, Jimmy Sims, his amazing family, friends, and fan base. Also a huge shout out to Elka Suspension for everything they do for Cody! “I always know I have the best suspension out there, the Elka Stage 5 is unmatched. On these rough tracks like this one, Elka’s shocks really show just how much better than the competition they are. I’m just lucky to be a part of the Elka family.” Also, Maxxis Tires, SSI Decals, DP Brakes, Thor MX, 100%, Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing, Dynamite ATV (look for our pink breast cancer hoods on eBay in the coming days, all profits will go to a breast cancer fund), Tweeked Powderworks, JB Racing, Rath, Renthal, Motoworks, Hinson Clutches, Stephen Propson at P501, CP Pistons, Don Straus, Andrew Vogt, 136 Photography, Terry Moore at Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, his phenomenal mechanics Todd and Dan, and everyone else that helps him out. God bless.