Cody Janssen Wildcat Creek Mx Race Report/Wins again, 4th in a Row

The Mountain Dew AMA ATV Motcross National Championship Series rolled into Wildcat Creek Mx in Rossville, Indiana on the second weekend of May. Along with this series comes many young star, one of the biggest being Cody Janssen. After coming off of a stellar weekend in Kentucky, he looked to keep the ball rolling at round 4. “I’ve been looking forward to this race since the schedule came out in November!” Said Janssen after getting to the track on Thursday. “It’s just like I remembered it: fast, big jumps, and rough! It’s going to be a good weekend, I can feel it.”

CJ25Saturday is always a very laid back day at the races for Cody Janssen. He only has 1 race, whereas on Sunday he has 3(2 of them being 15 minutes plus 1 lap); so mid-day Saturday when it was time for Cody’s moto he was well rested and ready to go. After a mediocre start of about 8th place, Cody started making his moves quickly. After just a few corners he was in the top 4, after the first lap he was up to 2nd, and just a few corners into the 2nd lap he had taken over the lead. The Team FSI Janssen #25 rider Cody Janssen went on to win the race by about 10 seconds. His second moto would be less action packed. This race took place between his 2 Pro Am races on Sunday, making things very hectic around the pit area. Janssen came out of the first corner in 2nd before quickly seizing the lead and winning the moto convincingly. He has been a perfect 4 for 4 in the 4 Stroke A class, winning every round so far. Cody has a 51 point lead in the National Championship series standings.

The 21 year old’s focus coming into 2013 was winning a Pro Am National Title, but early in the year things have been very up and down; 9th in Tennessee, 1st-DNF in Kentucky, and now another tough weekend. Things looked very promising Sunday morning for Team FSI Janssen as Cody put up some of the fastest times in Pro Am Practice, but it was all for naught. Janssen flipped in the 1st corner of Pro Am Moto 1 after a few riders got together, he turned first place lap times but was 3 quarters of a lap behind when he got his bike flipped back over and finally got it started. After a Date with the LCQ and a bad gate pick in Moto 2 because of the previous events, all Cody could salvage was a 10th in Pro Am. “After a first turn flip and LCQ, Pro Am for me this weekend was doomed from the start”, Cody said when all was said and done. “I am frustrated no doubt. I have to hold my head high though, got a win for my mom on Mother’s Day. A class has been so great, and I know I have the speed to be up on the box every week in Pro Am, lady luck just hasn’t been on my side. But we’ve been having a bad race, then a good race, bad then good. So that means that Walnut is going to be a great one! (laughs) I’ll have a lot of support at that race again being that it’s so close to home. I’m promising to put on a good showing for all the people who come out and support me!”

Before Cody thanks all of his sponsors and supporters, he first wants to wish the best to all the riders who were injured at this weekend’s races including Tim Dettling, Joel Hetrick, and John Natalie. Also, Cody wants to state that his win this weekend was not only for his mother, Lisa, on Mother’s Day, but also for his injured teammate Troy Hill and also his great uncle Leon Janssen. He also wants to thank his mechanic Dan Binder for all he does behind the scenes. His time, care, and hard work goes without much recognition but never unappreciated. Dan is one of the main pieces to the CJ25 puzzle. He wants extend his thanks to Mrs. Frost’s 4th Grade Class for letting him come in and speak with the kids as well as spend a little time with them. Finally, Cody must thank all of his sponsors. First and foremost his great team, Team Janssen Motorsports FSI, Roy, Faye, and Troy Hill, Jimmy Sims, his amazing family, friends, and fan base. Also a huge shout out to Elka Suspension for everything they do for Cody! “I always know I have the best suspension out there, the Elka Stage 5 is unmatched. Great product and even greater people!” Also, Maxxis Tires, SSI Decals, DP Brakes, Thor MX, 100%, Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing, Dynamite ATV, Tweeked Powderworks, JB Racing, Rath, Renthal, Motoworks, Hinson Clutches, Stephen Propson at P501, CP Pistons, Don Straus, Andrew Vogt, 136 Photography, Terry Moore at Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, his phenomenal mechanic Todd, and everyone else that helps him out. Cody wants to again thank his loving mother and girlfriend’s mother for spending Mother’s Day at the track watching him race. See everyone next week at Sunset Ridge Mx in Walnut, IL! God bless.