Joel HetrickHetrick Racing’s own Joel Hetrick has made a bold statement at the last two rounds of the ATV Motocross National Series. The young rider has won 7 of the last 8 motos on his Hetrick prepped Kawasaki in the Pro-Am classes with a little excitement along the way.

At Walnut Ill. he won the first three as well as qualifying first in Pro-Am Production. As luck would have it, while starting the atv the kick start assembly cracked the side and center cases. Joel’s mechanic and father, with some help from others, changed the parts and got the quad to the line when the thirty-second card was up. Under AMA Pro racing rules, if you do not check in twenty minutes before the moto you lose your gate pick so his was last.

This didn’t change the outcome of the moto though. Hetrick came off the line around 8th and by the end of the fourth lap he had a nice lead and went on to win the moto.

At Steel City, Hetrick dominated the competition for the Pro-Am Unlimited and qualified first for the Production class. Although just after the start in moto one, Hetrick took a rock to his goggles which cracked the lens. Acting fast, he pulled off the track after lap one and changed goggles which put him in 17th place. Determination filled his heart and the young rider worked his way back to the fourth position by the end of the moto setting some blistering lap times in the race.

In Moto two, Hetrick pulled the hole shot and won with a demanding lead giving him second overall in the Pro-Am Production class. “Without the quality of the product we run and how well my atv handles, I would not be able to do as well as I do,” said Hetrick. “I cannot thank enough my sponsors, including Elka Suspension.”