Oil City, PA / August 17, 2010 – Some people are wired to become doctors, lawyers, or Indian chiefs when they grow up. Joel Hetrick of Hetrick Racing is not one of those people. Schooled from an early age to prove that he is cut out of a different cloth, Hetrick is poised to become a legendary ATV racer of the utmost caliber.

During the running of the 2010 AMA-ATV Motocross Championship season he competed in two classes, the Pro/Am Unlimited and Pro/Am Production classes. In combining his podium runs in both classes, the scorecards indicate a total of 16 podium appearances. Out of these podium finishes, Hetrick put down 8 event wins in the Pro/Am Unlimited class and 4 event wins in the Pro/Am Production class.


Slated to claim both National Championships in the two classes, Hetrick displayed some phenomenal runs on the tough, challenging circuits of the national caliber tracks visited by the AMA-ATV Motocross series. In the end he stood as the Pro/Am Unlimited national champion and the runner-up in the Pro/Am Production class. But, few, if any, other racers competing in the series created as much electricity as this young up and coming ATV racer from Pennsylvania. The precedence Hetrick set for the Pro/Am classes druing the season are truly amazing. The facts don’t lie and they are as follows: In 10 out of 11 events he set the fastest qualifying lap times in the divisions.

With these same times he would have qualified top 5 in the Pro class over 90% of the time. More than once, he turned the fastest lap of the entire event, Pros included. Put that in your pipe and smoke it and get a real taste of what he will be about when the 2011 AMA-ATV Motocross Championship season rolls around.

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