This great title says it all, and it comes from Freida Rozelle who is the Youth Contingency Program Director. She has been working hard for the last 3 years with the ATVA and Racer productions in making sure that the future of the racing scene can be assured for our younger riders. In a few years, these young riders will become pros and ambassadors of our sport.

Freida also spoke of the advantages many parents should realize when they get involved with their kids in racing. Instead of playing in the streets and increase their chances of hanging around with others you would not recommend, the family can get together during race weekends and have fun.

Freida quoted « We want to see the ATV youth classes grow each and every year, we are not promoters of any kind and only want to help all youth riders. This will be the 3rd year of the program as last year was a great success with us raising over $60,000 in prizes for our 12 youth classes. Each child that attended the last race was put into a drawing and won a prize along with each child receiving a bag of merchandise at the end of the night. – We would like to make the last National a special race for the youth classes, Make it the SUPER BOWL of the ATVA. Our goal is to have businesses send us products or gift certificates to be given away on Friday night  to the different youth classes. We hope to bring more youth riders back to the racing circuit and to let all youth riders have a chance to win some wonderful prizes whether they come in 1st or last place at the races, everyone will win an awesome prize»

Elka representatives said: « We at Elka Suspension are proud to be a sponsor of this event. Elka will be there for many years to come and some of these young riders will surely ride one day on Elka’s . As an industry leader we value this event and I encourage every player of the industry to give strong support to the Youth Contingency Program.»

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Freida Rozelle

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