Team Kujala Racing was able to win 2 national championships this past weekend in Cadillac, MI at William Mitchell State Park in the 0 to 330 2-Stroke/ 0 to 450 4-Stroke Studded Quad Class and the Open Quad Studded Class! The attached photos are compliments of my good friend Chris Hord from RaceOne! Thank you again to all of you for your support and helping me to succeed in racing and to be a positive ambassador for the sport!

IMG_6755-aI would like to point out that my Elka Suspension,, really prevailed this weekend with as harsh as the track was! Also, my X-Cross Boots were the ticket for shifting smooth and staying warm and dry! And looking good too! Without your FXR gear sheltering me from head to toe, I would have been left freezing instead of sweating lol! My / Larry Strangfeld Tires were the ultimate ticket to traction out there! You can’t tell by the photos but it was extremely rough conditions and alot of snow and ice shavings built up on the outside! I can’t thank you all enough, what a way to start an action packed year out! Thank you for an amazing drive train that held up to the toughest conditions!

-Dan Kujala