September 14-16, 2012 Honolulu Hills Raceway, Taft CA – The 8th and final round of WORCS Racing went out with triple digit heat and pushing the youth rider and the future of professional racing to go big or go home. Most youth contenders were racing 3 classes on Saturday to allow for the awards banquet on Sunday, and logging in an hour and 35 minutes or more of track time in the 105 degree heat. There was a lot demanding not only the rider but the mechanic and the machines to keep those mini quads rolling the entire day.

Honolulu Hills Raceway, Taft CA

The 2012 season would come to a close, as would a chapter of mini quad racing for Kyler Thau, 224y from Chico, CA. Kyler will leave the minis and move up to the 250 classes in 2013. His 2012 season would hold some amazing memories of great competition and awesome venues and a collection of trophies that is nearly as tall as he is. With 20 first place finishes (out of 24 starts) and 5 series sweeps, Kyler would be the first to go undefeated in the Sport 8-15 class in the 12 year history of WORCS racing. He was able the take the win in all 3 classes in Taft and take home three Championships for the 2012 season in the 70 Open, 70 Production and Sport 8-15 classes!

Kyler’s Elka Stage 5 equipped suspension allowed this 70cc Apex to clear the doubles in Taft, CA

The final weekend would include with a visit from a leading WORCS series sponsor, Elka Suspension from Canada. Elka is the producer of his Stage 5 shocks which were made specifically for his 70cc machine from Elka and were the first set produced for a mini quad. They expressed how impressed they were that Kyler was able to work their shocks the way the pro’s do and how pleased they were to have him as part of the Elka Suspension team. Kyler had his first official sponsor video interview and took some pictures with the owner and other key players in building great suspension for machines of all sizes. At the awards banquet he was presented with his 3 WORCS laser engraved trophies and special award from Elka Suspension for his epic season and professionalism. What a great way to finish off an already amazing and rewarding race season. Elka has equipped his Yamaha Raptor 250 with Stage 5 suspension for the 2013 season and Kyler is showing us that he is ready to compete in one of the largest classes in the WORCS ATV series.

His 5th Series sweep concluded the WORCS Season for 2012

With 4 months off, Kyler Thau will begin setting up and training on his new 15 acre track in preparation for the 2013 race season. The WORCS 250 classes are very large and very competitive. He is looking forward to some strong finishes in 2013 and working on his skills as he moves one step closer to the 450cc machines and his ultimate goal of become a pro rider.

A very special thanks to our 2012 Sponsors: Answer Racing, Elka Suspension, Coastal Drilling East, Go Pro, Fast Flexx Bars, Triumph Motorsports, ATV Four Play, X Brand Goggles, ODI Grips, BRM Off Road, Slick Off Road Wash, AmSoil, Pro Armor and IMG.