Kyler Thau #224y

Kyler Thau #224y

February 8-10, 2013- Primm, NV

WORCS racing came to Buffalo Bills Raceway in Primm, NV for round 2 of some of the most challenging and competitive off-road racing in the country. The weather Gods would only bring cold wind and a little overnight rain this round, making for much improved track conditions over the mud-fest of Peoria, AZ at round 1.

Competing in 4 classes in 2013, Saturday’s race schedule would consist of 2 hours of racing for youth competitor Kyler Thau, 224 of Chico, CA. With two 45 minute races on the CT Racing built Raptor 250 and a 30 minute race on his modified Apex 70, Kyler would be forced to dig deep for endurance as the afternoon. After pulling the hole shot, Kyler would take a strong 2nd place finish in the 12-15 Production Sport class Saturday morning.

tina-atv-4200Kyler had raced hard in the morning, and lead for a good majority of the race, dicing it out with the top competitor in that class. He was charging hard all race on this Elka Suspension Stage 5 shocks which helped tremendously though-out the weekend for rough track conditions. With the first WORCS super event of the season, track conditions would be influenced by the motocross riders running races between quad races. His Stage 5 shocks definitely contributed to helping control rider fatigue on these long and rough tracks. Saturday afternoon would have the largest ATV class with WORCS racing taking the line. Seventeen 250s for the start of the Production 250 Sport race and Kyler would get tangled in the funnel on the start and get up close and personal with a hay bale that put him in dead last. He charged forward but was only able to secure an 11th place finish. Conditioning will play a big part in the 2013 season for Kyler, with such great competition Kyler will learn to “save some energy” for the afternoon races and continue to train on working on his endurance. At only 75lbs, the size and weight of the 250 takes a lot of strength and energy and it definitely showed in the Saturday afternoon race! Still Saturday afternoon, he would also take to the seat of his 70cc Apex, with over 15hp and built by Nate McCoy. He would finish with a 3 minute lead over 2nd place in the Sport 8-15 year old class.

tina-atv-2334Sunday’s race again had a packed line for the Production 250 class. Eighteen riders would start and race hard for a 30 minute moto. Kyler was rested and ready for this challenge. He looked great and secured a 6th place finish. After 2 rounds, Kyler is holding the points lead in the Sport 8-15 class, and is 4th in points in both the 12-15 Production Sport and Production 250 classes. Overall, the weekend ended good with a first and second WORCS trophy to bring home.

With round 3 bringing us to a super event in Lake Havasu City, AZ, the track is sure to be fun and rough as the 2013 WORCS season continues to trudge forward. A special knuckle-bump to the WORCS organization for pulling off a very smooth WORCS Super Event. With retired Pro Timmy Shelman on the mic, and the usual WORCS organized practices, the weekend rolled smoothly and they did a phenomenal job with such a large event. The Thau family is very proud to be part of such a great racing network of fine folks.

Kyler Thau would like to thank his 2013 sponsors: Elka Suspension, Answer Racing, CT Racing, Go Pro, Fast Flexx Bars, X Brand Goggles, ODI Grips, Triumph Motorsports, BRM Off Road, Gifted Productions, Slick Products Pro/Am Team, Hot Coats and Twin Air.