2010 NEATV-MX Pro ATV Champion, Cody Miller, came off the line in fourthin his first Pro moto. Miller was able to get by Jasmin Plante three quarters into the first moto. “It was pretty hard to past Jasmin, it’s a tight track here at Capeway Rovers,” commented Miller. Miller was able to catch up to Creamer but was unable to make a move and finished in third in the first Pro moto.

BCS Performance’s Miller took the holeshot in the second Pro ATV moto. But in the second corner, Miller spun sideways, allowing Wimmer to take over the lead. Miller was able to regain the lead when ATV Innovation’s Wimmer got caught up in a muddy berm. Miller led for a few laps before both Wimmer and Creamer were able to track down Miller make the pass. Miller finished third in his second Pro moto, finishing third overall in the Pro Class.

Jasmin Plante, made a switch to a Yamaha YFZ 450 for the second round at Capeway. Plante seemed fast on his Yamaha, taking the holeshot in the first Pro moto. Plante slid back to the fourth position taking fourth in the first moto. Plante had a bad start in the second moto, coming off the line in the back of the pack. Plante was able to make his way through the pack and finished fifth in the second moto, giving him a fourth overall in the Pro class.

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