Our friend John Sharrard from Accelerated Technologies just received a letter from the International Motorcycle Supershow to confirm he has been awarded the MOTORCYLE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in the “Tuner” category for helping Jodi capture the #1 plate in the Parts Canada Pro Sport bike division, as voted on by National staff and the Motorcycle industry in General.

John emailed us the following:

“This note is not to boast at all, but to thank Elka for their part in this. Since the Shocks you had supplied us performed flawlessly, I was allowed to focus on all other distractions that try to foil your best efforts while managing racers at a Pro

Level Racing event. Jodi’s bike was consistently the best handling bike on the track, allowing him to do what he does best, which is ride motorcycles at a level higher than anyone else in the country.

Thank you Elka Suspension for providing the best suspension components in the world (in my opinion) as well as great service, response and ongoing continued support. Heres to continued success in 2012 and beyond. Our next goal is to capture the Pro Superbike Championship for ELKA !”

Our congratulations to John and Jodi, we are looking forward to next season with you!