Photo Credit: QJ's Photography

Photo Credit: QJ’s Photography

World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS)

Round 3, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Mar 14-16, 2014 

A tough weekend for David Ogden III (#699) 

Racing in 12-15 Production on Saturday, the younger Ogden was fourth out of the gate, but quickly negotiated the jumps and the competition to work his way up to second on his Elka Suspension/Roll Design/GPR Stabilizer supported Yamaha Raptor 250.  Keeping the first place rider in his sights, Ogden left the MX track and headed for the lake, where he would close the gap.  Approaching the pit area for the first time, Ogden was now within striking distance with only a second or two behind the leader.  As time ticked away and the leaders came back around, Ogden was not with them.  His Raptor 250 was increasingly losing power to the wheels, as the clutch began to fail.  Crippling the bike to the pits, Ogden would end up pulling out with a DNF.

Sunday would find the #699 on the Production 250 gate.  When the flag dropped, Ogden’s Duncan Racing/OMF Performance supported quad shot out to a quick second place around the first corner.  He and the leader pulled away as the two disappeared to the far end of the course.  Wrapping up the first lap, Ogden was the first to come back through the pits with the followers trailing 5-6 seconds behind.  Half way through the second lap, the hammered track and hard-pushed pace would start causing arm pump and Ogden cornered hot, spinning his bike around.  A handful of riders would pass him before he could get himself redirected and a steady pace by all would have the #699 finish in 6th.


Sunday was retribution for David Ogden Jr (#669)

Racer and US Marine, David Ogden Jr spent most of the previous two weeks conducting field training with his company of Marines.  Arriving at Round 3, he was mentally and physically ready to battle in the Open B class on Saturday.  A mid-pack start in the first corner, Ogden would pilot the Roll Design/Elka Suspension/GPR Stabilzer supported Honda from 5th to 2nd, before heading to the off-road course.  His focus set on the leader, the two weaved in and out of corners and elevation changes; Ogden showing his front wheels to the leader in a few corners along the way.  As the head of the pack left the Lake Havasu coast, the leader dove into a right-handed 180 and Ogden pushed around the outside looking to run side-by-side, but the leader took him wide (a clean move).  Ogden stalled atop the berm of powder, and while he kicked his bike to get it again fired, the following nine riders passed by.  Ogden then resumed the chase, but at the checkered flag he would finish 6th.

After a disappointing finish the day prior, Ogden was lined up on the 40B gate, also shared with the 30B riders.  Again, a mid-pack start in the first corner, the #669 quickly made his way through the traffic of riders pulling ahead in the 40B class with only two 30B riders in front of him.  Before the second lap was complete, Ogden had expanded the lead on his class and maneuvered around the second place 30B rider.  As time counted down and the laps added up, the Duncan Racing/OMF Performance/ODI Grip supported TRX-450 powered through for a total of 8 laps on the 3.7 mile whooped out course synonymous with racing at Havasu.  Earning the top podium box, Ogden would finish 1:19 ahead of second place and just shy of 5 minutes ahead of third.

A special “Thank You” to Leonard Duncan (Duncan Racing Int’l) for providing on sight maintenance and motivational support throughout the weekend.  Dave Ogden Racing would also like thank all of the 2014 sponsors, without whom the season would be much more difficult to complete: OMF Performance, Duncan Racing Int’l, Roll Design, Elka Suspension, GPR Stabilizers, Infectious Racing, ODI Grips, Fasst Company, SMX Optics, Scorpion USA, Leatt Brace, GoPro.