ATV Triple Crown – Round 1 on June 20th

raceAlberta, Canada – In practice the track was super muddy, racing was postponed to 3 pm giving us only one moto. Pro moto 1 I got tangled up with another rider in the start. Coming from last I had my work cut out for me. I rode as hard as I could and caught up to the top. Sitting in third, i was catching up to Second but having the 20 inch tires set me back for my full potential. I put it on cruise control and rode a safe solid race to take home third for the first round! Regrouping and training harder to put my Yamaha up at the top to represent my sponsors.

In the meantime I went out and helped/mentored the Mini class, Pulling them out the mud and cheering them on. Putting in good words and representing your brand as should! Thank you for your support!

-Clay Petkau