2013 Best in the Desert Parker 250 Race Report

After a successful year in 2012, Pirruñas Racing opened up the year in Parker, Arizona for the 2013 Best in the Desert Parker 250. With temperatures almost reaching the freezing point, Pirruñas Racing had 250 miles of whoops, rocks, high speed roads, and dust ahead of them. The team decided to defend their title in the Quad Expert class for this race but with only Juan and Alonzo Dominguez doing the riding. 

Juan was the first one out on the course for the #431 Pirruñas Racing team. “It was freezing out there! It was one of the toughest challenge I have ever faced while racing. My hands went numb about 3 miles into the race and I also couldn’t feel my face. Not only that but the course went straight into the sun for the first 30 miles and the dust made it even harder to see but I loved it!”said Juan after his first leg of the race.

Juan turned the bike over to his big brother Alonzo in 2nd place physically after starting dead last for their class. “It was blast out there, our new Stage 5 Elka Shocks worked flawless through the rock garden and was able to reel in the leader in our class. My hands also went numb after the first a couple of miles of my section, it was hard to keep my hands on the handlebars but pushed as hard as I can” said Alonzo.

DSC_3872After battling in the Parker desert for 250 miles in cold temperatures which is something Pirruñas Racing is not used to, the team was able to pull off another Quad Expert win. “This win is special for me and my brother” said Juan. “After getting a 3rd in 2011 and 2nd in 2012, we were finally able to win the Parker 250 and we did it together. We are very happy with our Elka Stage 5 setup. We didn’t even have to do much adjusting after pulling them out of the box. It is incredible what these shocks can do and we are very excited for our 2013 race season with Elka Suspension. To be the best you have to run the best!”

Next up for Pirruñas Racing is the CODE Offroad MR Refacciones Grand Prix on February 15-17 in Mexicali, Baja California which is the 1st race of the CODE Offroad series.

Pirruñas Racing wants to thank their sponsors: Liberty Motorsports, Elka Suspension, Yuma Mortuary, Polar Cooling, UNI Air Filters, Seventh Core Media, Double Lucky, Iron Scroll of Yuma, Loyalty Management, Barren Crossing Clothing, Piston Auto Retailer, ATV Galaxy, and a special thanks to XX Army team from Phoenix, Arizona for helping Pirruñas Racing at the midway pit and our buddies Javi, Cuniadito, Nene, Ricky, Daniel and father of Pirruñas Racing for helping out at the main pit!